4 March 2013


By request....Enjoy!

It is not entirely clear wether the line-up given below is complete - did my best to confirm it. However the music itself might let you forget such minor quibbles.


Amalgamation Part 1 (15:50)
Masahiko Satoh, keyboards, organ, percussion
D.D. Dickson, trombone
Jochen Staudt, bass trombone
Jackie Heimann, trumpet
Peter Davis, trumpet
Shungo sawada, acoustic guitar
Kimio Mizutani, electric guitar
Hiro Yanakida, hammond organ
Masaoki Terakawa, electric bass
Louis Haynes, drums
Wehnne Strings Consort
Daniel Lehmann, conductor (strings)

Amalgamation Part 2 (21:18)
Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Masahiko Satoh, hammond organ, percussion
Yoshisaburo Toyozumi, drums, percussion
Hideaki Sakurai, percussion, voice
Kayoko Ishu, voice (scat)

Part 1 recorded August 17, 1971 - 13:00~19:00 at Toshiba Records 1st studio.
Part 2 recorded August 22, 1971 - 13:00~19:00 at Toshiba Records 1st studio.

Liberty/Toshiba LTP9018  (this version from Phoenix Records ASHCD3040)



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you folks , have acquired your definitions of out of print and generally unavailable.

there are hundreds of copies of this available everywhere, from $8.00 to $30.00, 11 sellers on e-bay alone have this in stock new.
i thought you had self imposed ethical limitations, or is it just when it suits you.

i myself am selling new copies of this for $10.00 .
Dont you think you have 'shared' enough of mr Satoh's work, why not stick to what you do best, exposing people to little known out of circulation gems.

Anonymous said...

just 3 examples

SOTISE said...

dear BN, firstly ,let me say that you could be more polite about it, and lose the sarcastic tone...

that out of the way, i moderated your comment and you have a point , the links check out , and i think this is a discussion we will have to have.

where does one draw the line?, OOP at source, generally unavailable(other than on the 2nd hand market) or both.

I personally would not share this, and dont see why the person who made the request cant just shell out 10 bucks to buy it..

but that's just me, the confusing thing is that according to the Forced exposure link 2 different companies have reissued this record.

the other question is whether either of those are in fact legitimate labels paying royalties, and not merely bootleggers in the broader sense, this issue has to my knowledge been raised about Phoenix records, rightly or wrongly.

we had this discussion years ago vis a vis BYG-Charly-Affinity-Get back, and if memory serves agreed that they were pirates and that the artists were never paid a dime, therefore , BYG were fair game for posting.

As for mr Satoh's oeuvre we love it and , have used our best judgment to post only rare and OOP items thus far.

onxidlib said...

Dear Sotise and B.N.,
fact is - the LP is long OOP.
And at least the Phoenix CD is definitly a bootleg...and as far as I know the same goes for the Drone Syndicate "re-issue".

So in my mind the two bootlegs are not better (ethically) than my post.

But I do not want to be a dogmatist.
Therefore I shall delete the link if you Sotise (or any other author/admin at IS) would recommend it.

SOTISE said...

my opinion is that if Phoenix are bootleggers , then no problems ,its open slather.

i have the Phoenix cd ,of this and at least half a dozen other phoenix issues... i have heard that they are bootlegs(or rather that there are questions about their legitimacy) but wasn't sure, and i'm not in a position prove it either way.
perhaps we ought to vote on it privately, or i can simply defer to your better judgment.

Just what is the conclusive proof ?
the reissues are well mastered , (but then again i haven't heard the original lps, other,than August 1974 by the Taj Mahal Travellers)so in most cases i have no point of comparison.

tangentially, does anyone know if Mississippi records is legitimate,in the sense of paying royalties or some kind of fee to the artists on the label?

It seems Legitimate but has also been brought into question.

Vinylust said...

My two cents for what it's worth. I would never buy a grey area vinyl release unless I had the opportunity to hear the music beforehand. Case in point are the Phoenix label "Les Rallizes" releases. These contain such awesomely good music it was worth the risk of buying not so good quality vinyl bootlegs. Maybe I will now shell out for "Amalgamation" if the music inspires me so.

bventure said...

Well, Phoenix & Drone Syndicate are definitely bootleg labels, which for me makes posting it here a deal more ethical than BN selling it & making money for himself & the bootleggers. Mississippi seems like it's at least technically bootleg, but they claim to make an effort to trace someone to give some royalties too, I have no idea how true this is.

SOTISE said...

bventure, how did you come by this info, you sure its not just hearsay?

i for some reason imagined that Julian Cope the guy who wrote JapRock Sampler & Krautrocksampler , started Pheonix recs.

apf said...

Thank you!

bventure said...

Well, this comment is on Julian Cope's headheritage forum http://www.headheritage.co.uk/headtohead/unsung/topic/34132/flat/30/ and there are plenty of similar comments around. It looks like Radioactive was rebadged as Pheonix at some point. I admit I can't claim definitive personal knowledge on any of this, but a quick trawl around t'interweb I don't think leaves much doubt. Also if you look up the Satoh on discogs.org it has all available releases as unofficial and both labels as bootleg. Julian Cope's label is Head Heritage - co-incidentally, I was leafing through my copy of Krautrocksamler the other day when someone informed me nit is now apparently worth a king's ransom (sadly not very much these days). He also drew attention back to the gretest singer/songwriter ever, for my money, Scott Walker.

francisco santos said...

another one that deserves to be alive !!!!...
THX !.....

onxidlib said...

...on its way--

francisco santos said...

re post please, it deserves to be alive...
THX !...

onxidlib said...


francisco santos said...