16 March 2013

CHRiS McGREGOR's BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH - Middelheim Jazz Festival 1987

Wonderful radio broadcast contributed by mew23. Photos are from "Country Cooking" album, recorded January 1988.

CHRiS McGREGOR's BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH - Live at Middelheim Jazz Festival 1987

Harry Beckett - trumpet
Dave Defries - trumpet
Claude Deppa - trumpet
Annie Whitehead - trombone
Fayyaz Virji - trombone
Julian Arguelles - soprano and baritone sax
Chris Biscoe - alto sax, clarinet
Steve Williamson - tenor and alto sax
Jeff Gordon - tenor sax, clarinet, flute
Robert Juritz - tenor sax
Chris McGregor - piano
Ernest Mothle - electric bass
Gilbert Matthews - drums
Thomas Dyani - congas

1. Dakar [19:37]
2. Atlantic Island Dreams [10:42]
3. You And Me (Sejui) [10:29)
4. Country Cooking [13:12]
5. Big G [10:38]
6. Andromeda [06:20]

Recorded live at the Jazz Middelheim Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, August 14, 1987

FM radio broadcast
Total time [70:58]


miloo2 said...

flac at rapidshare

agmosk said...

Thank you, milo2! Too little BOB extant!

longbranch said...


JD said...

fockin fantastic! Cheers very much and keep up the good work.

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boogieman said...

Jazz Middelheim was (and still is) the festival to attend in August.
As for BoB, what can I say? One of greatest "free" big bands of its time. Thanks for this beautiful and cooking post.

kinabalu said...

I might have this one, but I'm taking no chances, so thanks in any case!

At this point, Harry Beckett was the only one left of the original line-up, save the leader, of course. Thomas Dyani, son of Johnny Dyani?

h-a-b said...

> Thomas Dyani, son of Johnny Dyani?

Johnny's stepson, born in Sweden

miloo2 said...

Kinabalu, I only did main post for what mew23 posted before Christmas in Contributions, using his link. Anyway, may I remind you about posting District Six - Free To Be? And one more album from the same area comes to my mind, first Dreamtime - Bunny Up, anybody have it?

h-a-b - thanks for clarification about Dyani. At least one more family member in this version of BoB.

kinabalu said...

This one?


miloo2 said...

To Be Free - yes, the one with Chris McGregor.

sandor essedy said...

many thanks for this free breath.

Daniele Agnelli said...

A new blog:http://musicadelxxsecolo.blogspot.it/

Thanks for your work!

daniel said...

please re-up as soon as you can!

great band!

miloo2 said...

flac @ ulozto.net

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Nod Y said...

Hi Milos
I've heard people talking about this live broadcast but didn't heard it until your re-post. it is a really great concert perhaps more quiet than the early b.o.b but equally interesting. Thank for the post