23 February 2013

ZBiGNiEW NAMYSŁOWSKi - Lola (Decca 1964)

One for onxidlib - first leader date by then 24 years old Namyslowski and his Polish quartet, and probably also first jazz record with musicians from east Europe, released by western company. From currently unavailable cd reissue. Enjoy.

Zbigniew Namysłowski Modern Jazz Quartet - Lola (Decca 1964)

1. Piekna Lola, kwiat polnocy / Beautiful Lola, Flower Of The North (Namysłowski)  6:37
2. Leszek i Ludwig / Leszek and Ludwig (Gulgowski)  3:36
3. Piatawka / In 5/4 Time (Namysłowski)  8:00
4. Blues Shmues (Namysłowski)  3:50
5. Rozpacz / Despair (Namysłowski)  7:19
6. Tkotkonitkotko (Namysłowski)  4:44
7. Wozny - Najwazniejszy / The Caretaker - The Most Important Man (Gulgowski)  3:54
8. Ol' Man River (Kern, Hammerstein)  6:45

Zbigniew Namysłowski - alto sax
Włodzimierz Gulgowski - piano
Tadeusz Wojcik - bass
Czesław Bartkowski - drums

Recorded August 1964 at Decca Studios, London

GOWI CDG 30 / 1996


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Great to finally have it! You made my weekend - in fact already in the early morning hours...
Expecting very fine music.
Milo - Thank You!

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Here is also mp3. And thanks for comments, you are most welcome.

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