10 February 2013


This duo set is from a tour with Masahiko Togashi and Jean-Jacques Avenel. It would be great to hear any recordings from the quartet dates!

1.   Monk's Dream 10:49
2.   I'll Keep Loving You 10:43
3.   Epistrophy 7:15
4.   Blinks 9:18
5.   Evidence 5:43
6.   Blues For Aida 7:43
7.   Snake Out 14:20
8.   Let's Call This 6:14

Mal Waldron, piano
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Space Who, Saitama, on 1 November 1992.

Egg Farm – EF-006, released 2004.

CD Rip


Nick said...

ZS 1
ZS 2

As a small bonus, here is extra artwork for Sotise's rip of Steve Lacy Trio - Stalks, which is also under New Links For Old Posts

giu said...

never knew about this...

Nick said...

Sotise's post of Stalks, I meant.

SOTISE said...

Thank you!!!

wightdj said...

Much thanks for Japan Dream.

zero said...

Nick, your Waldron posts have been absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much.

greenishthing said...

many thanks!

marten512 said...

Many thanks, I was completely unaware of this recording.

Megapouetman said...

Millions thanks,

Wallofsound said...

Many, many thanks. How would we know this stuff even existed?

corvimax said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks once again. I miss Lacy and Waldron a lot; it's good to have recordings.

Lexman said...

thanks a lot!

Scraps said...

Also I never heard of this and thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, Nick!
two of my favourite musicians together
this will make my sunday
once you and your allies will make it into music heaven for providing us with these fascinating gifts, that's for sure ;-)

Anonymous said...

A thousand thanks. Great !!

martin said...

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