16 January 2013

MALACHi FAVORS MAGHOSTUT - Natural & The Spiritual (1978)

A requested one - great late Art Ensemble Of Chicago bassist and his only solo effort.

Malachi Favors Maghoustut - Natural And The Spiritual (AECO Records 1978)

1. The Procession 3:29
2. Natural And The Spiritual (Working On The Buildings) 8:35
3. Peace Be Unto You 10:33
4. Natural And The Spiritual 7:08
5. Black Man Tripover / Womens Takeover 4:00
6. If' Fin You No's De Way-Sho Us 10:53
7. Keep on keepin on 5:18
8. Gone 0:28

solo bass and assorted little instruments

Recorded on April 23, 1977, live at The University of Chicago.
Bass is unamplified.

(cd version 1992 – NECO-003-CD)


miloo2 said...


Andy said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much miloo. Very, very kind of you. I'm touched.

miloo2 said...

You are very welcome, Andy :-)

Nick said...

Hi Andy

Could you email me, please?

I have a favour to ask - based on your great knowledge.

Thanks and cheers


birin said...

Hola Milo

Muchisimas gracias. Este disco me acompañó para muchos años y después desapareció de mi cuarto.
Es un gran regalo de tu parte!!!
Un saludo

SlimStew said...

Thanks for making this availble!

serviceton said...

Thanks miloo!
First track as well as the last 2 are not on the LP.
I had forgotten about the lame 'Womens Takeover' recitation! Someone is keeping the brothers down - I know! - it's Women who're Taking Over!
Yeah right...
But rest is great! Sound is respectably cleaned up for CD and it's nice to hear without the bazillion pops and ticks.

Newk said...

Thanks for this! I had just read an interview with Favors and Bowie before checking in on the blog, so it was a nicely timed for me.

miloo2 said...

Thanks and gracias for your feedback, mates. I just added 2 scans from booklet to the post, not included in uploaded file due to scanner disfunction. I want to ask - are you all fine with ulozto.net sharing place? I think it could be good alternative for some of you, as it has no rapidshare-like restrictions, simple uploading software, free registration and files overview...

serviceton said...

miloo, for me ulozto.net was the slowest download I've ever experienced. I only ever used it for just this 1 upload of yours [as far as I remember]. The first time I tried I got 65% and then the download just died. Second time I got the whole package but it took over 4 1/2 hours.
I'm not in Europe and I'm a free, not paid user of course. HTH

-Otto- said...

Thank you for this rare album, miloo2!