7 January 2013


Here is a different aspect of Masahiko Sato to the recent posts. He contributed to a phenomenal number of albums in the early 1970s, as a musical director and playing acoustic or electric keyboards.

1. Prologue     1:19    

2. Information1 - Information21     16:46    

3. Information22 - Information49     15:10    

4. Epilogue     2:36    

Group 1

Akira Ishikawa, drums
Hideo Ichikawa, electric piano
Kimio Mizutani,  electric guitar
Kohsuke Ichihara, flutes, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone
Masaoki Terakawa, electric bass
Takao Naoi, electric guitar

Group 2

Hozumi Tanaka, drums, percussion
Keiki Midorikawa, double bass
Masahiko Sato, piano, synthesizer

First release: CBS Sony – SOLL-28, 1973

Re-released: Super Fuji Discs – FJSP-02, 2007


Nick said...
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sotise said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

a lot of Sato's works been posted here previously and this one seems to be a very good addition to the "Sato collection"!
this one sounds much in Amalgamation vein, which is great and i, of course, would love to hear it in lossless!
thanks much!!


onxidlib said...

I have Amalgamation - and the re-issue seems to be a bootleg - so I shall post it....

corvimax said...

thank you for this Sato addition

apf said...

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Luc Mosley said...

Much thanks! I can't wait to listen to this one!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much and deeply appreciate for this. Last night I was very frustrated to find out that this CD is way too expensive to buy, but now it's in front of me!

Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Thank you.

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Thank you kindly.

DW said...

This is fukn great!! Satoh is a revelation! Thanks for this!!

nijimasu said...

hey any chance of a re-up? thanks so much

Franco said...

Thanks for this ! Hey Nij' the '1f' link above is live and clean!