12 January 2013


-23 °C + wind chill for the walk to work today.

This time of year, I wish I was in Madagascar

Alain Rahoerson, drums
Alain Razafinohatra, alto saxophone
Arnaud Razafy, bass clarinet, guitar
Georges Rahoerson, tenor saxophone
Jean-Charles Capon, bass
Jean-Claude Pourtier, drums, percussion, organ
Jef Gilson, piano, electric piano, xylophone, percussion
Joel Rakotomamonjy, tenor saxophone
Jojo, percussion
Pierre Moret, percussion
Roland De Comarmond, flute, baritone saxophone
Sam, bass
Serge Rahoerson, drums, tenor saxophone

A1. A Tana    5:20

A2. Avaradoha     6:25

A3. Available on The Best Of Jef Gilson Jazzman compilation

A4. Sodina    6:35

B1. Available on The Best Of Jef Gilson Jazzman compilation

B2. Malagasy     7:10

Lumen - LD 33 908, Palm Records - PALM 1

Recorded 1969-71

Vinyl Rip

Jef Gilson, Fender-Rhodes piano, ondioline
Frank Raholison, drums
Del Rabenja, tenor saxophone, valiha (http://dutchinmadagascar.blogspot.ca/2012/04/ha-jazz.html)
Sylvain Marc, percussion, guitar, Fender bass
Gerard Rakotoarivony, Fender bass
Ange "Zizi" Japhet, percussion, Fender bass

A1. Newport Bounce  5:46

A2. Salegy Jef     6:11

A3. Solo Frank     6:03

A4. Buddah's Vision  6:00

B1. Veloma Lava 5:42

B2. Valiha Del  3:50

B3. Requiem Pour Django  7:28

B4. Dizzy 48  5:20

B5. "1973"  1:58

Palm Records - PALM 5

Recorded 14 March 1973

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...
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Feu Follet said...

36 degrees in the Shade here , and the smoke from nearby bush fires is constant ....Ontario Beckons!!.. thanks for the rare Gilson!!

Anonymous said...

most obliged for Mr Gilson ! (r.i.p.) man, -26 C ?.. are you running some musical experiment in Antarctica ? [;-D GReetings from (mostly) sunny GR !..

Wallofsound said...

A little more of Gilson's history. Thanks.

the jazzstronaut said...

Great share, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be tracks missing from Palm 1? thanks for sharing a couple of amazing lp's!!

wightdj said...

Appreciated, stay in front of a fire!

Nick said...

The two missing tracks from Palm 1 are available on a fine double LP or CD compilation: The Best of Jef Gilson on Jazzman. Highly recommended.

boogieman said...

Thanks. Malagasy are very musical people, lots of talented musicians but little opportunities. Jef Gilson did a great services in bringing these talents to a wider audience.

rebf942 said...

Thank you for the last three posts - really interesting music.

Nick said...

Now re-released on box set and CD on Jazzman label