11 January 2013


After I heard Nick's LP of  Didier Levallet he has shared in March 2012 with us I was looking for another recording from him.
Some weeks ago I found it and two days ago I gave it a proper listen.

At least the first track (theme) has impressions from Anthony Braxton's groups ca. 1975 - but the recording is all its own. Tony Oxley is sadly too low in the mix mostly when the whole group is playing. One can hear him f.e. much better in a duo part with Malfatti. Especially the solos spots from Steve Lacy and Tony Coe have touched me upon the the first time listening.
But it is a very enjoyable album in its entirety.


Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Tony Coe, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Marc Charig, cornet, alto horn
Radu Malfatti, trombone
Gérard Buquet, tuba, contrabass trombone
Gérard Marais, guitar
Didier Levallet, contra bass
Tony Oxley, drums

A1. Steppenwolf              (09:21)
A2. Sweet Lacy               (05:13)
A3. Mémoires                 (09:14)
B1. Azimuts - Parties 1-2-3  (23:48)

All compositions and arrangements by Didier Levallet.

Recorded on May 11th 1983 at l'École Nationale de Musique d'Angoulême except A1 recorded in concert at the Théâtre, May 12th 1983.

IN & OUT IAO 1006



onxidlib said...
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Nick said...

nice to hear this

SOTISE said...

wow Lacy and Tony Coe, together with Oxley on drums ... exiting stuff thank you!!!

glmlr said...

Thank you Onx. Any unknown Oxley is always highly welcome!

Andy said...

Thank you. I've not heard this one before.

jazzuk said...

Thanks very much onxidlib

Wallofsound said...

Looks most promising

SOTISE said...

great session , surprisingly straight!!..
i guess i was expecting more textural interplay..very nice though eh

john said...

Thank you very much for this rarity, which I'm looking forward to hearing.

ams said...

amazing. this sent me on a tear to figure out just who Levallet was. Still looking for 75's Compositions Spontanées Pour Contrebasse Et Percussions and his Quintet's Quiet Days. Thanks again.

Newmill Mark said...

What an amazing line up, thanks very much indeed

marten512 said...

Very tasty. Thank you.

onxidlib said...
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