22 January 2013

Appeal for Julian Priester, (who needs a kidney Transplant)

We here at IS , are not in the habit of soliciting donations , or asking for money for ourselves, (what we do ,we do for love of Music and the joy of sharing)....on rare, occasions we make an exception ... this is one of those.

Many among our readers i'm sure are familiar with the music of Trombonist,Composer, improviser Julian Priester , a  man who though he recorded infrequently under his own name , created some enduring treasured ,very much loved albums , and also played with Sun Ra, Sam Rivers ( hear,the Magnificent Summit Conference, by Reggie Workman, also Featuring Andrew Hill,& Pheeroan Aklaff ), Jimmy Heath ,Bobby Hutcherson,Herbie Hancock's great Mwandishi Band... and a host of others, known and less known.

Its been brought to our attention that Priester, has been beset with serious health problems,and that also given the Paucity of decent Health Care in the US , he and his family have racked up huge almost insurmountable debt , and are in danger of losing their home and hearth...

a Fundaising effort is well under way (with only ten days to go) anyone interested in helping out by making a donation , can read the facts here  

so far they have raised , 19,000 dollars , but according to American friends that is barely enough to cover a few weeks in Hospital!
thank you!! (for reading this)


Anonymous said...

I think this is brilliant that you have made this post, and I think it is fine if it makes people a bit uncomfortable, and it is fine if it makes them think about their enjoyment of music - and the connection to the musicians that make it.
Respect is Due. I gave.

SOTISE said...

thanks Anon, i dont apologize for making people uncomfortable, though why anyone should be so is a moot point.