14 September 2012

George Sams - Nomadic Winds

Following up earlier postings of the first two albums by United Front as well as Riccardo's posting of their set  at Moers in 1979, here is a solo album by George Sams, the trumpeter of the group. The title track was also featured on their second album "Ohm - Unit of Resistance" and the live set. New here is India Cooke on violin, Andre St. James on electric bass and Abdul Waahid on percussion. Anthony Brown joined UF by the time of their second album and George Sams assumes piano duties on the title track.

Perhaps not as swinging and boisterous as the United Front albums. I sense more of a subdued and wistful ambience on this record, possibly having to do with the presence of the violin. Sams engages in tortuous sounds on the track of the same name (not unlike Lester Bowie), supplies yearning piano chords on the title track and mixes trumpet in with the chamber group feel on the final track with light percussion added, hinting at worlds and continents beyond the American west coast. All in all, a beautiful listen, I thought.

George Sams – Nomadic Winds (1982)

A1  Nomadic Winds 8:25
A2  Tortuous 6:10

B1  In Search 8:10
B2  The Path With A Heart From Africa 8:10

Bass – Andre St. James
Drums – Anthony Brown
Percussion – Abdul Waahid
Trumpet, Piano, Producer – George Sams
Violin – India Cooke

Recorded May 1981 at John Altmann Recording, San Francisco

hat MUSICS – hat MUSICS 3506

Vinyl, LP

Thanks to Arcturus for supplying this fine thing. Not available on cd. Further background in the info files.


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