2 September 2012

Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra - Live in Genoa '91

Music of melancholy beauty.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale", Genoa, Italy, on July 16, 1991
(mix recording)

Charlie Haden,bass
Earl Gardner,trumpet
Tom Harrell,trumpet,flugelhorn
Julian Priester,trombone
Sharon Freeman,French horn
Joe Daley,tuba
Makanda Ken McIntyre,alto sax
John Stubblefield,tenor & soprano saxes,flute
Javon Jackson,tenor sax
Amina Claudine Myers,piano
Mike Goodrick,guitar
Paul Motian,drums

1. Intro by C.Haden (02:40)
2. Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (ANC Anthem) [E.M.Sontonga] (20:00)
3. Dream Keeper Suite (34:30):
a) Dream Keeper Part 1 [C.Bley]
b) Feliciano Ama [Trad. from El Salvador]
c) Dream Keeper Part II [C.Bley]
d) Canto del Pilon [Trad. from Venezuela]
e) Dream Keeper Part III [C.Bley]
f) Hymn of the Anarchist Women's Movement [Trad. from Spanish Civil War]
g) Dream Keeper Part IV [C.Bley]

4. Spiritual [C.Haden] (15:25)
5. La Pasionaria [C.Haden] (19:10)
6. Sandino (encore) [C.Haden] (09:10)

Total Time 1:40:58

Spiritual (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (231 MB):
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flac (588 MB):
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glmlr said...

Wonderful! Big thanks Riccardo.

wightdj said...

Looks good, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Formidable, merci pour tous ces merveilleux concerts et celui-ci en particulier.

DrEyescope said...

Thanks! I hope this is the same sax section as appeared on t.v's "Night Music" around this time. (I know Ken McIntyre was one of them).
Their t.v. performance of the ANC theme was fiery and magnificent, and I'd like to hear more of that line-up. It looks to be mostly the same. I found the studio recording to be a bit reserved.
Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

splendid !

vermelho said...

blocked on both servers :(
so soon...

cocoltrane said...

ok, so i am not the only one having problems with the download ...
hope th elink can be fixed. in anycase, thanks for the fantastic music posted on this blog. ciao

kinabalu said...

For reasons unknown to me, these files appear to be blacklisted on RS, so they have been uploaded to Crocko instead. We'll see how this plays out.

In the meantime:



Henning said...

The music is great, of course, and I am very grateful for all your recordings you have posted on your website. But this recording is marred by the use of noise reduction (the typical underwater effect" is clearly audible in the quieter parts of the recording).
Please don't take my comment as an insult as I really appreciate your efforts!

kinabalu said...

@Henning: It's a matter of taste what is preferable, I guess. Personally, I like keeping the noise in, as it were, but there might be a point beyond which it becomes distracting. Tape hiss, anyone?

J-2 said...

I would like to get this session, but it is neither on RS or Crocko...can you post on Zippy so that others myself included can enjoy this great collaboration...Thanks

kinabalu said...

Well, as I said above: We'll see how this plays out. Thing is I didn't delete these files, meaning someone did, possibly on somebody else's behalf, meaning presumably that somebody else does not want these files disseminated. Bottom line: Not much point in upping them again. Pity, the music is not that awful.

francisco santos said...

re post, please....