29 August 2012

Mary Halvorson Quintet - Live in Saalfelden '12

Just a taste of the Saalfelden Festival: much more in the next future.

Rec. live at the "33rd Jazzfestival Saalfelden", Saalfelden,
Austria, on August 25, 2012 (mics recording)

Mary Halvorson,guitar
Jonathan Finlayson,trumpet
Jon Irabagon,alto sax
John Hébert,bass
Ches Smith,drums

1. Sinks When She Rounds The Bend (No. 22) [09:26]
2. Love In Eight Colors (No. 21) [13:18]
3. Hemorrhaging Smiles (No. 25) [11:38]
4. Sleep [13:40]
5. Mile High Like (No.16) [05:40]

Total Time 53:45

All compositions by M.Halvorson.

Hemorrhaging Smiles (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (123 MB):
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Rick said...

Thank you. Mary H plays free jazz yet is still quite melodic and enjoyable.

armando said...

I was hoping someone could record and share these concerts.It is difficult not to be impressed after looking at the cast of musicians playing at the Festival. You are very generous, Riccardo. Thank you very very much!

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Great, thanks for sharing.

haifisch said...

Thank you one of the best site,,,

Wallofsound said...

I do enjoy Mary Halvorson's playing

mike said...

thanks, great to hear!

Bernizz said...

I missed the festival this year. Great to have at least a glimpse of the music! Viva riccardo!!

Kevin said...

Thanks for the post, Ricardo. Looking forward to others from Saalfelden.

Have enjoyed Mary's playing a lot recently. Looking forward to seeing her and the quintet play in Columbus, OH this December.

Thanks again for sharing.

kinabalu said...

'm happy to see that Jon Irabagon is in the line-up. One to watch out for. I saw him this spring with Mostly Other People Do The Killing. And he'll be back in October! Wowee!

giu said...

love you guys
i was in saalfelden too
ciao ciao