2 August 2012

Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit - Live in Milan '12

Once again: if someone gives help to title the unknown tracks is welcome.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on March 4, 2012
(mics recording)

Louis Tebugo Moholo-Moholo
Francine Luce,vocals
Henry Lowther,trumpet
Alan Tomlinson,trombone
Jason Yarde,alto & soprano saxes
Ntshuks Bonga,alto sax
Alexander Hawkins,piano
John Edwards,bass

01. Wedding Hymn [T.Matshikiza] (03:57)
02. Lost Opportunities [H.Miller] (07:00)
03. For The Blue Notes [L.Moholo] (03:40)
04. Ismite Is Might [C.McGregor] (07:18)
05. Un Ti Son Ba [F.Luce]/Dikeledi Tsa Phelo [P.Pheto] (11:44)
06. Thank U 4 2 Day [J.Yarde] (06:26)
07. Wish You Sunshine [J.Dyani] (06:21)
08. B My Dear [D.Pukwana] (08:42)
09. Sonke [P.Pheto] (08:13)
10. Zanele [P.Pheto] (09:10)
11. You Ain't Gonna Know Me [M.Feza]/Ithi Gqi [J.Dyani] (03:40)
12. The Tag [J.Yarde] (03:55)

Total Time 1:22:11

Dikeledi Tsa Phelo


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Thank you for this! Much appreciated. -MB

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prospettive musicali said...

I was there to review the concert for "Musica Jazz" magazine. My friends and me wrote down the setlist as follows:
1. Wedding Hymn (Matshikiza)
2. Lost Opportunities (Miller)
3. For the Blue Notes (Moholo)
4. Ismite Is Might (McGregor)
5. Un Ti Son Ba Ou (Luce)
6. Dikeledi Tsa Phelo (Pheto)
7. Thank U 4 2 Day (Yarde)
8. Wish You Sunshine (Dyani)
9. B My Dear (Pukwana)
10. Sonke (Pheto)
11. Zanele (Pheto)
12. You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cos You Think You Know Me (Feza)
13. Ithi Gqi (Dyani)
14. The Tag (Yarde)
Please notice that, when they played two or more songs without pause inbetween, I considered them as separate songs anyway.
Sources of the songs are the Blue Notes repertoire and/or of their single members but also albums by Harry Miller, the Brotherhood of Breath, Viva La Black, plus Moholo's own «Spirits Rejoice!», «An Open Letter To My Wife Mpumi» and «Bra Louis - Bra Tebs» albums.
Bonga played tenor sax too.

Anonymous said...

Track #4 is the Chris McGregor tune Yikiti. -MB

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Rapidshare is working fine at this end, and thanks for this gem, Riccardo. I have one Moholo Viva La Black gig from 1996 which I'm planning to up at some point (once I've figured out the set list).

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Thanks Riccardo ! I have another Moholo gig, Seven For Seventy from London Jazz Fest 2010, radio broadcast, still waiting for separating tracks...

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hard is titling.

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This concert (sadly not in its entirety) is now released on Ogun as For The Blue Notes http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KATPYQQ/ref=pe_208681_56383601_em_1p_0_ti