24 July 2012

Tony Malaby's Apparitions - Live in Pantin '11

Well worth listening...

Rec. live at "La Dynamo", Pantin, France, on March 23, 2011
(radio broadcast)

Tony Malaby,tenor sax
Drew Gress,bass
Tom Rainey,drums
John Hollenbeck,drums,glockenspiel,vibraphone,marimba & melodica

1. Suite (1:18:38)

Malaby (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (180 MB):
rapidshare | oron

flac (440 MB):
rapidshare | oron

Nick said...

Thanks Riccardo

glmlr said...

Thank you R!

Andy said...

Not what I was expecting, but just what I needed. Thanks a lot Riccardo. :)

wightdj said...

Super, much thanks.

Wallofsound said...

I always enjoy Malaby. Thanks.

jackalope said...

Damn this is good! Thank you. As someone who has collected up a fair number of his recordings, I'd put this one at or near the top (my favorite, so far, of his official recordings is "Warblepeck"). If you don't know Tony's work, this would be a fine introduction.

klakadak said...

Thank you very much, but none of the oron links are working?

riccardo said...

alternative mp3 link:

joesh said...


Cold someone re-upload this recording which of course is no longer available.

Big thanks in advance.

kinabalu said...

New link:


Fred said...

Thank you
I was in Pantin : great concert.
I didn't know that it was recorded !
But in France RS is VEEEERY slow.
An alternative ? Pleeeeeeease ...

kinabalu said...

New link:


Btw, when you tried to download from RS, did you register for a free account? There is a so-called Standard account which provides you with 10 gb of storage space and standard speed, whatever that means. I tried to download without an account and it ran at about 4kb/sec. With a so-called standard plus account, I got a download speed of the malaby file at about 9mb/sec, admittedly on a fast network. Makes a difference, eh?

Fred said...

Thank you very much for the new link
And … no i didn’t pay attention to the free account.
I'll try it soon.