16 July 2012


Many Thanks to Mew23 for his excellent contribution!
And I want to say thank you to Bernhard and to G (I haven't forgot YOU!). First G than Berhard offered a mp3 version of  the fourth LP of this series (see here - go to comments for a list). I shall wait some more time before I resort to it. Maybe someone is willing to share a version in flac.
But before this might happen enjoy this:


Jean-Luc Ponty, violin
Masahiko Sato, electric and acoustic piano
Yoshiaki Masuo, guitar
Nils-Henning Ørsted Pedersen , bass
Motohiko Hino, drums

A1. Golden Green [13:08]
A2. And So On [07:49]
B1. Astrorama / Nuggis [24:37]

'Golden Green' and 'Astrorama' composed by Jean-Luc Ponty,
'And So On' by Masahiko Sato, 'Nuggis' by Wolfgang Dauner
Produced by Joachim Ernst Berendt
Recorded August 29, 1970 at Toshiba Studios, Tokyo, Japan.

Liberty/Toshiba LPC-8039 & FAR EAST ETJ-65016 (source for rip)
(lp rip)


onxidlib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
apf said...

Thank you!

onxidlib said...

Sorry but I had to delete the links 'cause this LP is again available as CD.
Just some minutes I got an info...

Go to




Calisan said...

Ohhh No way! Neither 24 hrs?
This is a Far East edition and different artwork!
This is one of those who had been waiting!
Thanks anyway! onxidlib
Please I hope your goodness!

kuman said...

Too Bad of course it's as unobtainable as the original....thanks for keeping it real and for all your work...peace.

Jason Longwell said...

That was VERY unfair and unreasonable of you to remove the link! Okay it may be available as an IMPORT on CD, but maybe some of us would have preferred to hear the original LP. Also, some of us are not rich or wealthy and cannot afford to buy imported CDs. I am disabled and live on a fixed income. I do not have the money to buy expensive imports. I was going to play this recording on a radio program I host. I will have you know that I bust my ass volunteering my time to share this great music with people who would not otherwise know about it. I do not get paid for my radio shows, and so I rely on sites such as this to share rare, hard to find music, and to expose it to a larger audience. My program, Jazz Progressions, is carried by several radio stations around the USA. I just want you to know how displeased I am at your decision to remove the link! I guess maybe I"ll find a copy of the LP elsewhere, and I will post it somewhere so those of us who are not rich can enjoy this music for FREE. Thanks for ruining it for us poor folks! Oh, and if anyone who cares to respond is simply going to send me a link where I can purchase this at a discount, DON'T BOTHER! I'm not paying for it! It's like the old saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way. I WILL get this classic for free and the record companies BE DAMNED!

Jason Longwell said...

I am guessing some of you had the fortune to download this before our good friend here yanked it and thereby forcing us less fortunate souls to scrape together the cash needed to buy the import CD. Anyway, if anyone has this LP and is willing to share, but they don't want to post it on here for fear of being in violation of the blog/webmaster, please just email me the link to my personal address: qualityradioproductions.angelfire.com I'm sorry for being upset. But I am getting tired of seeing a great recording on a blog, and then finding it was pulled because some label on the other side of the world from the USA has reissued it for THEIR audience! If this keeps happening, I may as well not bother doing radio shows anymore. If I can't add new material to the program, what's the point? It will just get stale.

onxidlib said...

Jason Longwell - I have mailed you some minutes ago...

Bozo the Clown said...

Jason's childish tempertantrum illustrates perfectly the intersection of the many issues involved in the presentation of music via the blog world. For the record, I,too am broke and disabled, but I try to find a way to get albums that are officially released, not whine about it. His comments raise so many points I don't even know where to begin.
So for now, let me start off with the most basic premise of relevance here - Sol is walking a very fine line with postings such as this in the Post-Upheavel World we live in.[PUW, for short].Sol was right to take down this album when they became aware it was issued in Japan. There is a Japanese astronaut on the ISS right now, last time I looked Japan was still part of the world.
Sol must be very careful these days,I would like to see it return to radio/audience tapes much more, and cut down on the LP postings, some lately aren't even that rare!
I would like a new car, and new speakers; somebody give them to me 'cause I deserve them! Well, life doesn't work like that,does it?

boogieman said...

As a fellow blogger, I was shocked by the language of the person calling himself Jason Longwell. Who does this guy think he is? We don't owe you nuthin', mate. You're just another ungrateful freerider. Instead of being thankful for the music posted by onxidlib, you're aggressive and rude. I did of Googling on you: Your only comments on blogs are to request the repair of broken links. Never a word of thanks!
And nice onxidlib still sent you the file. Well mate, you did not deserve it!

kinabalu said...

Yeah, it always puzzles me why people can afford to have pcs, internet service providers, broadband connections and yet can't afford to purchase a single cd, imported or not. From what I can see, said item is normally priced, so should not be more expensive than domestic items (that is, if you can figure out how to order from Japanese sites).

Bozo, we haven't stopped doing concerts/radio shows. Riccardo mainly posts concert recordings and I do both records and concerts, all depending on what my head is into at any given moment in time.

BTW, there is still a functioning link (as of writing). Listening to item right now. Just takes a little sleuthing, eh? Don't know why I'm saying this, but really, come on ...

Bozo the Bad Clown said...

Earlier I wrote a 2nd comment about the Jason thing, but as I was submitting it the screen went weird and said something about someone else editing at the same time,or such - so being pretty darn computer stupid[ask Andy,now there's a saint!] I have no idea what happened. Maybe that is for the best, saving y'all from more of my raving!
I think I was trying to point out that Japanese albums aren't really that expensive, at least you know you are going to get a quality product,and sometimes they are the only way to get something on a real CD, like,say, Gunter's "Hearplants" or...But they can go o/p really quick, so you have to be on yer toes.
One of my other points was that we are literally swimming in the history of recorded music - a lot of "Legitamate" stuff at fantastic prices. Bozo just gor the RCA Toscanini box for $75 bucks,as an Amazon pre-release order- it is already about $50 more and still an unbeleivable deal...it was about a GRAND in the 90s. So just by less of something else,like food,even, to squeeze in the occaissonal mandatory Japanese purchase.
The power company isn't giving me credit for the week we didn't have power recently; and the emergency vet hospital still wanted a grand to treat my heat-stroked diabetic cat that week-could of gotten 3 extra FMP box sets with that!
And anapology/correction to my first letter: Of Course,I too whine about prices sometimes - I wouldn't be a clown if I didn't!

Bozo the Sad Clown said...

Jason,I owe you an apology.I am sorry if any of my comments were out-of-line, esp. the use of the word "Childish". We obviously have a bit of a philosophical difference over some stuff, the freebie thing just rubbed me the wrong way...but to each their own, or whatever the expression is!
We should move over to the free form section and have a good hashing-out of the issues, w/o getting negative, like i did. So sorry, and one last thought for now-"Batman" should be a comic comic, a la the fantastic TV show. I hate that it has become just another bloodbathporn franchise. Anyone out there seen "Hostel"? They are spiritually sickening pieces of trash! Bozo

Harvey Dog said...

I just want to say Thank You!!! You owe none of us ANYTHING, and Jason Longwell is acting like a spoiled little boy. I appreciate all the wonderful music I've been exposed to through your great blog, and just because you pulled the link is no reason for someone to act like he did. John

bugel said...

haha this must have been the most cultivated internet beef ive ever seen
correct grammar and punctuation.
even paragraphs!
jsut keep doing what u do

Nick said...

The people at Universounds are very nice and if you send them an email order for an item, they will send you a Paypal invoice. Unlike some Japanese stores, they ship abroad.

Eryko G. Silva said...

pleas please someone email me if you know where can i get this beautiful artwork :)
I will be very grateful

sp said...

I would like to hear this first before I get ahold of a dealer to buy the LP for me. 90sgems@gmail.com.