8 April 2012

William Parker Orchestra feat. K.Jordan - Live in Milan '12

A dream Orchestra and another great project : The Essence Of Ellington.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on February 5, 2012
(mics recording)

William Parker
Kidd Jordan,tenor sax
Ras Moshe,tenor & soprano saxes
Sabir Mateen,tenor sax & clarinet
Darius Jones/Rob Brown,alto saxes
Dave Sewelson,baritone sax
Roy Campbell,trumpet,flugelhorn & flute
Matt Lavelle,trumpet
Steve Swell/Willie Applewhite,trombones
Dave Burrell,piano
Hamid Drake,drums
Ernie Odoom,vocal

1. William intro (03:41)
2. Portrait Of Louisiana [W.Parker]/Sophisticated Lady
Part 1 & 2 [D.Ellington/W.Parker] (46:50)
3. Take The Coltrane [B.Strayhorn] (21:07)
4. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (07:29)
5. Take The "A" Train [B.Strayhorn]/Heavenly Interlude
[W.Parker] (16:33)
6. Caravan [J.Tizol] (22:32)
7. The Essence Of Ellington (encore) [W.Parker] (14:08)

Total Time 2:12:22

excerpt from Take The Coltrane


riccardo said...
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riccardo said...

some pictures (24 MB):
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magogiallo said...

Ciao Riccardo, this is a great gift, unfortunatly I loose this concert for job troubles, thank You to share the chance to listen to it. Maybe have you Sao Paolo & Chicago Underground with Pharoah Sanders 15/01/2012 from the same festival?

riccardo said...

@ magogiallo

Unfortunately I haven't found the tickets for Sanders!

Rob said...

You're right on: what a dream band! Thanks for the post. Rob

Piromas said...

You just made my day! Thanks.

JL.TAGLICH said...

About to listen...Excited! Thank you.

Moe said...

Thanks so much!!

Bhowani said...

wonderful surprise ! thanks Riccardo for your generosity !

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

boldsouls said...

Really a KILLER - thanks a buch, Riccardo! Can you also help with Dee Alexander and her Jimi Hendrix Tribute? It would be great!!!

Steven Joerg said...

Ciao Riccardo,

This entire concert is going to be released by William Parker this summer as a beautiful 2CD set on his own label Centering Records. So, thank you for "whetting appetite" a little bit up here, but if you could please take down your links (so that they are not copied and reposted, etc.), it would be much appreciated by William.

Thank you.

onxidlib said...

Hi Riccardo - I was the one who deleted the links.
I haven't even downloaded myself...

Hope you won't mind - see the comment from Steve Joerg above.

riccardo said...

@ Onxi
you did the right thing.

@ Steven and William
Consider this post a little promo to the official release.

kinabalu said...

That's splendid news! Of course, we would like to add that those who did download from here ought to buy the thing once it's officially out.

We're ahead of the curve (as usual). Ahem ...

Steven Joerg said...

Dear onxidlib, riccardo, kinabalu:

Thank you for doing so straightway, and for understanding the financial realities of the world which exists "beneath the underdog" as it were.

blessings and stay tuned...