25 April 2012

Roswell Rudd - Maine

Roswell Rudd, Hans Dulfer, Arjen Gorter, Martin Van DuynHoven - Maine

 Here's a lively date from late 1976 at "de Krog" in Amsterdam featuring American trombonist Roswell Rudd with three Dutch players, Hans Dulfer on tenor sax, Arjen Gorter on double bass and Martin Van DuynHoven on drums. We have posted the three Dutch gentlemen before with Theo Loevendie, also in a quartet setting, most of it from about the same period as this date, mid- to late 70s.

 Only three pieces on this lp, first the title track which starts out with a simple repetitive bass motif, a joint chorus from the two main players and successive solos from all four, finishing with a drum solo with the bass motif underneath and a restatement of the main chorus at the end. This is a killer funky groove with all players riding on the main pulse of the piece with cracking  rimshots from Van DoynHousen (and even a cowbell in there?). If jazz should invade the dance floor, this is a track to fire up the engine. The Rollins piece has Dulfer roaring away at full speed and Rudd taking it down in his solo in the second half of the piece (after turning the record, so to speak) and Van Duynhousen piledriving it again before the repetition of the chorus right at the end. The final Rudd is in a bluesy mode with Dulfer and Rudd again in the driver's seat, delivering some expert hard bop to round out the proceedings, Dulfer hotting it and Rudd cooling it.

 This is a hyperkinetic date, top speed ahead from all four and to me, Dulfer is a revelation, even over-powering Rudd at times, particularly on the Rollins piece. Sometimes you need a bit of coolness to balance the hotness, and the soloists do compliment each other nicely.

Recommended, and to be played reasonably loud to appreciate the full dynamics of this wonderful date! And it's a topnotch recording to boot.

A1 Maine (Roswell Rudd)
A2 At Mc. Kie's (Part 1) (Sonny Rollins)
B1 At Mc. Kie's (Part 2) (Sonny Rollins)
B2 Big Thee (Roswell Rudd)

 Trombone – Roswell Rudd
Tenor Saxophone – Hans Dulfer
Bass – Arjen Gorter
Drums – Martin Van Duynhoven

 Recorded by Dick Swaneveld on November 26th at "de Krog", Amsterdam


kinabalu said...



gilhodges said...

Simply, utterly spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Love this recording, never seen this before. Dulfer is still going strong and playing his butt off! Thanx for posting. Greets from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Much appreciated. -MB

matt w said...

More great stuff I'd never seen, thanks!

Vitko said...

Oh, this can not be seen every day.
Thank kinabalu

holo said...

this looks great, thank you. Hans Dulfer is a fantastic recent discovery, several of his recordings are floating around the blogosphere, really super stuff.

Clifford Allen said...

Big, big fan of Dulfer here. His recordings on Catfish and Heavy Soul are not to be missed! Also, his work with the Theo Loevendie Consort and the Loevendie-Dulfer Kwartet is really fantastic. Maine is a fine date, too, though admittedly I don't pull it out as often as I do the others.

Bill said...

This one brings back memories. Thanks Kinabalu.

miloo2 said...

Thank you, Kinabalu! I saw Dulfer quintet with young players few years ago in Café Alto, Amsterdam, and there was everything shaking - much like Brotherhood kind of stuff.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

wightdj said...

Go, Roswell. Thanks.

Nick said...

Thanks a lot for this.

There is a totally essential (for me at least) 7 CD set of Hans Dulfer out now - "The Formative Years - '68-'98'".
It has Heavy Soul Inc - Live in Paradiso, with Bennink, Maarten Altena and Willem van Manen; the 2 Ritmo Naturel LPs on Catfish; El Saxofon with the Frank Wright Quartet minus Alan Silva, also on Catfish, I Didn't Ask with 12 year old Candy Dulfer; Big Boy and Skin Deep. As much joyful music as can be had for €20.

Here are the Heavy Soul Inc tracks from The Dutch Jazz Scene box



kinabalu said...

That's very interesting, Nick! I'll have to investigate.

unitstructure said...

Thanks for both "Maine" and "Heavy Soul"

Dick Swaneveld said...

It is not "The Krog" in Amsterdam, but "DE KROEG".
I know, because I recorded the album there.

kinabalu said...

Blame the small print on the back of the sleeve :-)