1 March 2012

Anthony Braxton - Live in La Spezia and Pisa '78

The first concert (La Spezia) is probably incomplete, the second (Pisa) complete.

(1-5) Rec. live in La Spezia, Italy, on July 8, 1978
(6-13) Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on July 11, 1978
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto sax

01. La Spezia #1 (06:27)
02. La Spezia #2 [Basin Street Blues] (06:36)
03. La Spezia #3 (06:42)
04. La Spezia #4 [Along Came Betty] (07:29)
05. La Spezia #5 (03:00)
06. Pisa #1 (11:35)
07. Pisa #2 (07:15)
08. Pisa #3 [Naima] (03:43)
09. Pisa #4 (07:22)
10. Pisa #5 (03:28)
11. Pisa #6 (05:29)
12. Pisa #7 (01:32)
13. Pisa #8 (03:57)

Total Time 1:14:42

Pisa #3 [Naima]


riccardo said...
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kike said...

Dear Riccardo,

any chance to get this gem via mediafire or hotfile? RS for free user is really slow!

Grazie in advance, Kike.

riccardo said...
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riccardo said...
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kike said...

Grazie Riccardo, bravissimo Braxton solo concert. It sounds great. My best regards, Kike.

prospettive musicali said...

Thank you, Riccardo. I attended that gig in La Spezia and I think that your recording could be complete, since that night several bands performed in that same festival, as you can see in http://www.speziajazz.it/cronologia
The Spezia Festival has always been a very mainstream jazz festival. As far as I remember, Braxton performed there just as a last minute substitute for the Dexter Gordon band: otherwise he would have never been called to perform in such a conservative festival. And his solo show was quite a shock for a large part of the audience, who had to listen to Braxton while waiting for Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. In the following years, the average bank-clerk jazz-fans of La Spezia often mentioned that Braxton solo gig ad an example of how awful is avant jazz...

trane said...

Thanks as always Riccardo - btw, track 2 (La Spezia) is "St Louis blues"

JC said...

Thanks a lot.

Thanks @prospettive musicali for the details and observation. I could see that...

riccardo said...

@ trane

not so sure...

Thomas R. Simons said...

Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for another great post of rare, unreleased material. Solo Braxton is always a welcome experience. Also, "La Spezia #2" is "Basin Street Blues."

Best wishes,

riccardo said...

@ Thomas


Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up of this gem ?

kinabalu said...
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TEO said...

Thanks very much for this historic concert!!!
It's possible to re-up the link?
Thanks in advice!

onxidlib said...

The link should work but Rapidshare is offline since about three hours.
Maybe it will work tomorrow...

senorton said...

Hello! Thank you so much for this site and this concert.

RS link says "File not Found" :(

kinabalu said...

New link: