31 January 2012

Gil Evans Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

First event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy, on March 3, 1980 (radio broadcast)

Gil Evans,piano,electric piano,conductor
Lee Konitz,alto & soprano saxes
Ack van Rooyen,trumpet & flugelhorn
Giovanni Tommaso,bass
Bruce Ditmas,drums
RAI Big Band :
Nino Culasso/Doriano Beltrame/Cicci Santucci/Michele
Lacerenza,tps - Giancarlo Beccattini/Ernesto Pumpo/
Marco Pellacani/Gennaro Baldino,tbs - Gianni Oddi/Baldo
Maestri/Sal Genovese/Beppe Carrieri/Carlo Metallo,reeds
- Sergio Coppetelli/Pino Rucher,gt - Maurizio Majorana,b -
Carlo Zoffoli,vib

1. Eleven/Las Vegas Tango [G.Evans] (22:02)
2. Dr. Jekyll [J.McLean]/Here Come De Honey Man [G.Gershwin] (13:11)
3. Gone [G.Gershwin] (12:00)
4. Blues In Orbit [G.Russell] (13:34)
5. Copenhagen Sight [G.Evans] (13:05)
6. Anita's Dance [G.Evans] (09:21)
7. Sirhan's Blues (inc.) [J.B.Brooks] (06:52)

Total Time 1:30:08

Gone (excerpt)


riccardo said...

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Gsblog said...

Just magnificent. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

JC said...

Fantastic. Gil. And a nice set.

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trane said...

Hi Riccardo, I am no big GE fan, but who is the retty gal on the photo?

riccardo said...

@ trane
From left to right: Miles (second son of Gil and Anita), Gil, Anita Cooper (Gil's second wife).

sasha said...

O my good god 'Las Vas Tango' is right up there with the original..And thats saying something..Lovely to hear Gil playing the acoustic piano as well..And with an acoustic bass!!..For anything beyond the 60's this is rare indeed (in my expierence anyway of listening to Gil)..Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I've picked up this, plus the
gorgeous Dexter Gordon set in La Spezia (and I ain't through just as yet!), your posts are as usual very
tasty. Thanks a bunch, Riccardo

duck said...

Thanks for this Gil Evans. soon it will be down and played. greetings from Sydney

Formosa Coweater said...

If possible, could this be re-upped? Thank you very much.

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