27 December 2011



Samuel „Sam“ Carthorne Rivers (* 25. September 1923 in El Reno, Oklahoma; † 26. Dezember 2011 in Orlando, Florida)




Sam Rivers, flute, soprano & tenor saxophone, arranger, conductor
Joe Ferguson, flute, soprano & alto saxophone
Paul Jeffrey, flute, bassett horn, tenor saxophone
Roland Alexander, flute, african flute, soprano & tenor saxophone
Fred Kelly, piccolo, flute, soprano, alto & baritone saxophone
Sinclair Acey, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Ted Daniel, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Richard Williams, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Charles Stephens, trombone
Charles Majeed Greenlee, trombone
Joseph Daley, euphonium, tuba
Gregory Maker, bass
Warren Smith, drums
Harold Smith, percussion

1. Exultation 08:25
2. Tranquility 08:58
3. Postlude 02:50
4. Bursts 06:52
5. Orb 09:35
6. Earth Song 04:08

Recorded March 4, 1974 at Generation Sound Studios, New York City.

(this version Verve/Impulse! 589 760-2 - 96kHz, 24-bit).



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wightdj said...

A fitting memorial. Thanks.

jeff said...

Wow. I know he lived a long life, but I was still shocked and saddened when I opened up IS today to read the words "San Rivers - RIP". Really took my breath away. Seen him live numerous times throughout the years. Definitely one of my heroes and an inspiration to my own tenor sax playing (of which I'm not that good lol, but still thoroughly enjoy). Just received the mosaic 3 CD set of new Rivbea Orchestra music. Was just getting ready to sink my teeth into it. All I can say now is, celebrate the life of truly unique artist and human being.
This ones gonna hurt for awhile.
Gotta love Crystals Onxidlib!!!

glmlr said...

Sam Rivers - so soon after Paul Motian. Two irreplaceable giants of the music.

a said...

Thanks so much for sharing Sam's music. I had a chance to know him a little. I shot some of the rehearsal for a big band recording of River's music with Rivers conducting, initiated by Steve Coleman, in 1998.

1009 said...

I'm usually not a big-band guy, but I've loved this record since I first heard it a few years back. Thanks for the upgrade!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

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