15 December 2011

Dwight Andrews - Live in Pisa '79

Another underrated saxophonist who deserves to be remembered.

Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on June 29, 1979
(mics recording)

Dwight Andrews,reeds,flute

1. Track #1 (5:52)
2. Track #2 (3:47)
3. Track #3 (5:50)
4. Track #4 (4:32)
5. Track #5 (4:35)
6. Track #6 (2:41)
7. Track #7 (4:40)

Total Time 32:00
Track #6


riccardo said...

mp3 (73 MB)

flac (150 MB)

serviceton said...

I agree riccardo - and thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting - thanks for the chance to check it out.

corvimax said...

I liked Mmotia the little people, I will try this solo
thank you

JC said...

:-( Sadly this one seems to have vanished with all the server hosts. None of the links work anymore.

riccardo said...

@ JC

Both mp3 and flac still working with Fileserve.

serviceton said...

..Or even try this WUpload link

rubby said...

any chance for a reup of this one? just saw mr. andrews last weekend with wadada leo smith and bobby naughton, fisrt i've ever heard him and would love to hear this. thank you!

corvimax said...