23 December 2011

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Live in Ravenna '78 [New links]

Thanks for the wishes onxi and merry Xmas from Italy!

Rec. live at "Rocca Brancaleone", Ravenna, Italy, on July 7,
1978 (mics recording)

Art Blakey,drums
Curtis Fuller,trombone
Valery Ponomarev,trumpet
David Schnitter,tenor sax
Bobby Watson,alto sax
James Williams,piano
Dennis Irwin,bass

1st Set (1:12:30):
01. Lift Every Voice And Sing [traditional]/Jody [W.Davis,jr] (14:18)
02. Art introduces the Messengers (03:26)
03. My Foolish Heart [V.Young] (12:46)
04. Uranus [W.Davis,jr] (11:45)
05. Mishima [?] (16:44)
06. My Romance [R.Rodgers] (08:19)
07. The Theme [M.Davis] (05:09)

2nd Set (1:05:49):
08. Blues March [B.Golson] (11:48)
09. Lover Man [J.Sherman] (09:55)
10. Unknown (14:37)
11. Georgia On My Mind [H.Carmichael] (07:10)
12. Reflections In Blue [Sun Ra] (13:31)
13. Gypsy Folk Tales [W.Davis,jr]/The Theme [M.Davis] (08:45)

Total Time 2:18:20

Blues March (excerpt)


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Greetings from Sydney

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