8 December 2011

Andrew Cyrille - Live in Florence '79

Just a venerable Master.

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 2, 1979
(mix recording)

Andrew Cyrille,percussion

1. Nuba (11:08)
2. Classical Retention (09:19)
3. Rhythmical Space (18:34)

Total Time 39:02

All compositions by A. Cyrille

excerpt from Rhythmical Space


riccardo said...

mp3 (89 MB)

flac (201 MB)

Kai said...

This looks really interesting, thanks. Sorry for my uneducated question as I'm not into the jargon of live recordings, what means "mix recording": mixboard/soundboard or mic(rophone)?


riccardo said...

@ Kai


jeff said...

Awesome Ricardo. Can't wait to hear this when I get home. Solo Cyrille is always welcome. Am really anticipating this one. Thanks in advance.

trane said...

Thanks for Andrew - a master indeed

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to listen! Thank you!!

sotise said...

yesssssssss, thank you!

Lestorian said...

Wow, I can't get enough solo Andrew Cyrille. What a great space to get my head into. Thanks, and keep it coming, anybody with more solo Cyrille bring it SVP!

serviceton said...

Oh yes indeed.
And he plays Rhythmical Space (from '69)!
Many thanks riccardo.

jdogg said...

The links are dead :(

serviceton said...

here is the FLAC upload again for you


jdogg said...

Thanks ever so much. I love finding unreleased recordings by artists I admire. I've got an Alvin Fielder outdoor concert from 1988. I'll try cleaning it up with Audacity and sharing it. Thanks again.

jeff said...

Listened to this a few times in the last day. Just before the release of Nuba, an album I love. Jeanne Lee with Cyrille and Lyons ugggghhhhhhh (In the words of Homer Simpson).
A really nice solo set here, by a true master.
Only had this in mp3. Thank you serviceton, with the still active FLAC's!!!
Cheers riccardo.