16 November 2011

Wadada Leo Smith & Günter "Baby" Sommer - Live in Padua '11 [New Links]

Five years after the recording of the beautiful "Wisdom in Time",
another meeting between these two giants of improvised music.

Rec. live at "Cinema Lux". Padua, Italy, on May 12, 2011
(radio broadcast)

Wadada Leo Smith,trumpet & flugelhorn
Günter "Baby" Sommer,percussion

1. Imrovisation #1 (09:59)
2. Imrovisation #2 (10:13)
3. Imrovisation #3 (10:12)
4. Imrovisation #4 (07:50)
5. Imrovisation #5 (07:55)
6. Imrovisation #6 (16:08)
7. Imrovisation #7 (03:10)

Total Time 1:05:30
Improvisation #7


riccardo said...

flac (338 MB)

mp3 (147 MB)

wightdj said...

Super, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. As great as I know this will be it is going to make me miss Peter Kowald...then I'll put on Touch the Earth...

Tonyfan said...

Thank you so much, love these guys

serviceton said...

2 total masters
Beautiful beautiful concert.
Many thanks riccardo

serviceton said...

Were you there?

riccardo said...

@ serviceton

Unfortunately, no
but i was here

premo said...

Thanks for this! I downloaded the flac version but the files opening. Has anyone else had this problem?

jazzcol said...

Thank you very much!

sotise said...

beautiful..thanks Riccardo!

Frankie said...

This is GREAT. Thanks.

If anyone's interested Wadada played trumpet exclusively (no flugelhorn).

riccardo said...

flac new links (338 MB):




zardoz1984 said...

Oh many thanks riccardo! Very nice of you to reup that one: saw those two guys together & it was quite magic. Just free & fluent speaking between two wonderful souls.
I know Arte Tv took one of their meetings live, beautifully filmed & recorded. If you got it, would be fantastic to upload it, like you did for the William Parker's Sons d'hiver concert. You never can get enough Wadada or McPhee. Be blessed.

serviceton said...

This is a superb concert that riccardo has re-upped here. I would urge anyone / everyone to grab this. Beautiful music making.

riccardo said...

@ zardoz1984

The video is "Wadada Leo Smith & Louis Moholo Moholo au Musée du Quai Branly - 05/11/2011", but unfortunately is no longer online...

zardoz1984 said...

Yes, Riccardo, I saw that (fine) one but was thinking of the Wadada Leo Smith-Günter "Baby" Sommer meeting from the beginning of 2011 which was filmed & played on mezzo(?), as beautiful as the Live in Padua you reuploaded so kindly.
Has anybody made a copy from TV & could share it: certainly not to be missed!
Love that Inconstant place, its members & those… IS initials

mew23 said...

New link for Padua, May 12, 2011:

This video was briefly available at the Arte TV website:
Wadada Leo Smith & Günter Baby Sommer -
Live at Festival Sons d'hiver, Paris, February 8, 2011

correct silence said...

many thanks for the re-post. Considering the two musicians I was expecting something abstract but it is not the case, Sommer is really playing in a total rhythmic way, more Drake or Blackwell than Sabu or Oxley. The sound of his drums is superbe. Listening to this concert I was dreaming of how could have sounded a meeting between Wadada and Masahiko Togashi, but unfortunately it seems that it never happened.
One more great moment of music available here.