21 November 2011


For a change - here's a rip all my own. ;)


Günter Kronberg, alto & baritone saxophone
Heinz Sauer, alto & tenor saxophone
Bob Degen, piano
Dieter Petereit, electric bass
Ralf Hübner, drums

A1. Mourning Sundown 03:04
A2. Poem Fot Peter T. 05:17
A3. Despedida 05:37
A4. Fantango 04:38
A5. Hamburg Calling 03:11

B1. The Jahn 07:07
B2. Compulsion II 04:08
B3. Art's Tango Für Art 03:53
B4. Rediscover The Beautiful 02:15

Recorded by Conny Plank at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen, Germany.
Date: 19th & 20th December, 1976.


(lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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Wallofsound said...


sotise said...

what can one say , one wonder's at what point wows or exclamations of any kind become redundant ..
you are chanelling such a wealth of gems....i cant even attempt to keep up ... THANK YOU , this looks like a stunner.

wightdj said...

Many treasures to be found on Mood. Thanks.

onxidlib said...
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akaboshi14 said...

Hi onxidlib, could you re-up this please?

Nod Y said...

Hi Onxidlib
Could you re-up this one please, the twin sax of this band was great, thank in advance.

onxidlib said...

Yep - I'll do it during the week-end.

Nod y said...

Great Onxi thank in advance.

onxidlib said...


Nod Y said...

Hi Onxi

Thank for the re-up on Voices, it is a very suitable complement to the other post Voices live in Hamburg, interesting too is the New Jazz Ensemble but unfortunately in mono, I suppose it's the only version that you have.

onxidlib said...

I've ripped the New Jazz Ensemble LP in stereo and haven't altered the characteristics of the rip apart from some clicks which I removed manually.

Anonymous said...

Heinz Sauer, not Gerd Dudek.

onxidlib said...

Off course - you are the first to comment about it after more than four and a half years!

Nico-las said...

Merci pour cette perle !