2 November 2011

Steve Lacy-Maarten van Regteren Altena-High ,Low and Order-Claxon (Du)793, hat Art (Sw)CD6069, 1978

-High, low and order- : Steve Lady (sop) Maarten van Regteren Altena (b,cello)

                     Live, "Shafty Teater", Amsterdam, December 9-10, 1978

                       Claxon (Du)793, hat Art (Sw)CD6069
High, Off-hand - , -Low - , -Blush - , -Inconsistent shuffle - , -Post - , -Notice - , -Order - , -Hop - , -Breeze - , -Kiss - , -
This is Ripped from the Hat Art cd...


SOTISE said...


Lucky said...

sotise - as much as your new avatar is frightening and pure horror, the altena-row here at "sol" is pure sugar and beauty!! ;)

i guess they are around, but if there's a need for quotl or cities and streets as flac w/ scans, i could fill in my part. ;)


onxidlib said...

Yeah Sotise, you did it - bringing together the Lacy and Altena threads.

Thank you!

1009 said...

I am fucking thrilled with all of this Lacy & Altena -- thanks! But I have to ask: where are tracks 12 & 13 coming from here? They are clearly not from the H,L&C set, no?

sotise said...

Brent ha ha You Noticed , you are actually listening .... play the guessing game eh.. you tell me

Bender said...

Sweet! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

please reup !!