24 November 2011


Enchanting sound worlds - R.I.P. Hans Reichel (born on 10th May in Hagen - died on 22nd November in Wuppertal) - font maker, instruments builder (guitars and the daxophone), musician and more!

See his fantastic website > http://www.daxo.de/


Hans Reichel, guitar
Achim Knispel, guitar
Buschi Niebergall, double bass
Michel Waisvisz, (Putney?) synthesizer

SET 1:
1. unknown title(s) 26:48 (a.11:24//b.06:22//c.09:02)
2. unknown title(s) 30:41

SET 2:
1. unknown title(s) 18:42
2. unknown title(s) 08:44
3. unknown title(s) 18:57

Recorded at the Päff, Köln, Germany on July 25th, 1974.



Anonymous said...

no way. reichel died. what a loss. my heart jumped of joy seeing that album in my feedreader, but it's painful to see such a creative mind suddenly pulled away with only 62 years of age.

press news in german from wdr:

"Hans Reichel gestorben

Der bekannte Wuppertaler Designer und Musiker Hans Reichel ist tot. Er starb gestern (22.11.11) überraschend im Alter von 62 Jahren. Als Designer entwickelte er mehrere Schriftfamilien. Als Gitarrist gehörte er bereits in den 60er Jahren zur ersten Generation frei improvisierender Musiker. Er erfand ein völlig neues Streichinstrument, das „Daxophon“. Konzert-Tourneen führten Reichel in über 40 Länder in Europa, Amerika und Asien, seine Musik ist auf mehr als 40 Solo-LPs und CDs zu hören."

onxidlib, i thank you nevertheless for this album. mighty. and hans dead...

Anonymous said...

very sad news about Hans Reichel

nsqrl said...

He was a wonderful musician - way out of left field - great humour. I Have always looked forward to every release and it is sad to hear that there will be no more. The last of these four - I wish I had been there at the time.


onxidlib said...
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glmlr said...

Very sad news. He was a unique and wonderful individual.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad, but thank you for the links to the music. The URL to his website is wonderful: his material on the website is absolutely fascinating ..., wonderful stuff!

Thank you,


sotise said...

aenourmous loss (lots of music people dying lately),thanks for the music ....

Anonymous said...

Although Waisvisz is credited with possibly using a Putney (VCS3?) Synthesiser, I would have to guess that he was using one of homemade synthesisers, like the Waisvisz Cracklebox.

I had the extreme luxury of seeing Waisvisz play, on approximately 20 different occasions, in the mid seventies.

He always used the Cracklebox, which was so distinctive in appearance: A wooden box, slightly larger than a cigar box, with solder points at regular intervals on the top. He would touch these solder points to play the instrument. The box sat on a tripod, with a bullhorn speaker. I believe that he used a volume pedal, as well.

Those were the days!

Adieu, Michel & Hans!

onxidlib said...

Thank you Michel & Hans!

I got this concert through trading and the info file stated only "synthesizer", therefore I assumed he played the "Putney", which he occaisonaly did. I know that he mostly used his fabulous crackle box (in the seventies and beyond).

armando said...

He was a such great and original artist. I agree, his website is very fine.

Onxidlib: Thanks for the music (again),you are inmensely generous (as other members here). Some of us are enjoying great music impossible to listen to otherwise .

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this peformance by a really one-of-a-kind artist. What he did was completely unique and beautiful.


slovenlyeric said...

Sad news indeed. I recently got the duo set he did with Knispel that Destination Out posted. He really was a one of a kind player and that is saying something as he was a "guitarist". I thank you for making it possible for me to hear more of his early work.

jeff said...

Thanks Onxidlib. Very sad news about Reichel. Thanks for this show though. Its great, still listening to it right now. He clearly plays the theme from Coltrane's Afro Blue about 9 minutes into track 3. Reichel will be sorely missed. A true innovator. Great band by the way, Always good to hear Waisvisz also.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to re-up this
beautiful line-up?
thaks a lot!

onxidlib said...

Will do so during the next days...

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this

Nick said...

Thanks, I lost this in a hard drive crash. Nice to have it back.

mike said...
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mike said...


SamRivers D said...

thanks from me too
hans' sounds colored and informed my teenage years. introduced me to, say, gamelan-type music-making; where the music is tailored to the unique instrument at hand and if the instrument is ever lost, so is its music.
i missed this post first time around, also the website! what a piece of work!