18 November 2011


Here's something quite different. Michael Naura was more famous for being the chief producer (editor) for the NDR (North German Broadcast), where he managed to produce the "most comprehensive and interesting Jazz program in Europe" (Ian Carr).
But he was also a pianist and author/critic. His writings sometimes were quite polemic and sharp, yet he had a vast knowledge and a sometimes acerbic wit.

His first recordings are clearly informed by George Shearing; he openly acknowledged the influence of Brubeck, Horace Silver or the MJQ. His main partner in music - Wolfgang Schlüter - was the one who provided the more creative improvisations.

Here are my rough translations of the titles and the sub-titles (see files for cover pictures):

Feuerwehr > fire brigade
Psychiater Blues > psychiatrist blues
Feuerfee > fire faerie (pixie)
Ochsenzoll > ox-toll (customs duty); the subtitle dedicates this tune to the "locked [patients] of station 12, psychiatry, general hospital, Hamburg-Ochsenzoll (a borough of Hamburg)"
Franz Brandnarb > franz burn scar
Endlich Ruhe > finally calmness (piece/quietness) - this track is a kind of early "ambient".

On side A all musicians are playing and on side B only the duo of Naura and Schlüter.
Is it Jazz?- yes and no - as always - hear for yourself...and Enjoy!


Michael Naura, piano, organ, mexican clay-flutes
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Herbert Joos, trumpet, fluegelhorn, alphorn
Wolfgang Schlüter, vibraphone, percussion

A 1. Feuerwehr (Naura)  04:59
A 2. Indira (Naura, Schlüter, Mangelsdorff, Joos) 03:40
A 3. Psychiater Blues (Naura)  07:29
A 4. Feuerfee (Naura) 02:39
A 5. Ochsenzoll (Naura) 05:26

Side B:

B 1. Franz Brandnarb (Naura) 09:49
B 2. Max Ernst (Naura/Schlüter) 04:47
B 3. Endlich Ruhe (Naura/Schlüter) 09:49

Note: Dedications to Peter Rühmkorf (tr.1); Dr. Peter Hatlich (tr.3); Christina (tr.4);
 'Für die Eingeschlossenen von Station 12, Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Hamburg-Ochsenzoll' (tr.5).

Recorded during the scoring of Peter Rühmkorfs "Die Feuerfee" at the NDR, Hamburg, Germany 1985.


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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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wildgrebe said...

Cheers Onxi atb WgbE

bugel said...

onna sidenote
ochsenzoll basically mean oxtoll
so the place where once upon a time the toll for ox was collected
but in Hamburg where the NDR sits
theres also a big psychatry at ochsenzoll
so if u r crazy..u need to go ot ochsenzoll
so i would interpret the album title as crazy

NickS said...

Listened on my morning walk. Very nice. Albert Mangelesdorf!!!

Thanks very much.

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Anonymous said...

as bugel said above, Ochsenzoll means a psychiatric hospital in general. Everyone in Hamburg knows, what it is meaning, if you say someone lives at Ochsenzoll: it's a lunatic asylum.

the music on this lp was composed for a radio adaptation of "Die Feuerfee" a "kind of fairy tale" by Peter Rühmkorf. It's telling about the firefighter Franz Brandnarb (an anagram btw) going mad and becoming an arsonist. Argueing he has been tempted by a fairy (Feuerfee), his life ends at Ochsenzoll, the lunatic asylum of Hamburg.

i loved this music from the first time i listend to it during a brioadcast. I love these musicians and i love the late Peter Rühmkorf, too.

Many thanks.

corvimax said...

thank you!

wightdj said...

Great stuff, thanks.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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jim said...

onixdilib, Thank you sir for your hard work. Can't wait to hear it. I love that european overtone of that period of time I don't thank they made any bad music and we all know there's only 2 types of music it's either good or bad.

Anonymous said...

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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yes - but it will be available again - there's a 50 GB cap which will be renewed all 24 hours!!

Anonymous said...

this is great, thanks! i'd appreciate recommendations for anything similar

Unknown said...

Can you upload this album again, please? I tried many times, but I can't download it anyway

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Javier Roz said...

Thanks for the re-up!
Quite interesting.

correct silence said...

I'm lucky because the link is still working.
It is a very interesting album that only sounds like itself, very very happy to have it now, thanks Ernst.

musiclova said...

R.I.P. Michael Naura

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

please reup

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Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks

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Dominic said...

A small link for this album's front and back covers, taken from the original post.


Solomon said...

Thank you!

Brewing Luminous said...

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