29 November 2011

Heiner Stadler-Brains on Fire, Vol 2(Labor lp 702)Rec 1971-3

For Agmosk and who ever else is interested, Here's Vol 2, of Heiner Stadler's Brains on Fire , i Won't Waffle on ..those interested can read my description of Vol 1....
there really is very little info online about these sessions .. so please if you know something ,fill in the  gaps.

As i stated in that post , Side one of this Lp, a Duet featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater and the Masterly Reggie Workman is unfortunately damaged almost beyond repair .
 This Therefore is just a straight rip, with only the volume raised.... no eq, de click or anything else...

I have a high tolerance for Vinyl noise , and just barely find it listenable .... i'll leave it for someone better than i to restore side one... feel free to attempt it and repost in comments.
The sound quality of these two sessions are very different, side a (the damaged side) being bright and reverberant while side two has more of a rough hewn , grainier , low budget sound.

Side A- (damaged)
1)Love in the Middle of the air
Reggie Workman -db
Dee Dee Bridgewater -Voice
Leonore Kandel- poem
rec, Generation Sound Studio- 3rd July 1973

Side B- (vg)
1)Pointed, (sextet), Workman-db, Tyrone Washington-tenor sax,fl
H.Stadler-Composer, Pno,  Jimmy Owens-trpt, Garnett Brown-Trb
Brian Brake-dr

2) U.C.S..(Quartet)
Omit, Owens &Brown

Enjoy !!


SOTISE said...

Flac & Pics

serviceton said...

how could anything called 'Brains on Fire' not be worth listening to?
I missed Vol 1, but will go back for it

Clifford Allen said...

I have NM copies of these and the pressings aren't that hot. When I move to my new flat I'll rip and send along.

agmosk said...

Thanks! You remembered! I appreciate it greatly. Love your Blog.

Wallofsound said...


Anonymous said...

tomato released pieces from both 'brains of fire' lp's in a collection called "retrospection", incl the complete first side with "love in the middle of the air (take 1)" and "pointed", and "the fugue #2 (take 2)" from vol. 1, where take 1 was included.

3 pieces, flac

cheers, sotise!! :)

Anonymous said...

Heiner Stadler's Labor Records label -same label as here has CDs an downloads available:
Retrospection incl the complete first side, is here: http://www.laborrecords.com/lab7034.html
Jazz Alchemy with Marilyn Crispell, Reggie Workman, Charles McGhee, Richard Davis is here: http://www.laborrecords.com/lab7024.html
Tribute to Bird and Monk is here http://www.laborrecords.com/lab7074.html
plus much other music on Labor

SOTISE said...

Lucky , big cyber hugs for your effort , its appreciated

Anon , thank you for the additional information and links , also very much appreciated ... great to know that Tribute to monk and bird has been reissued , i own the double lp , and a wonderous thing it is too.... highly recommended..

Craig Nixon said...

I haven't forgotten about this. Most of my CDs are in boxes, and some aren't accessible. If I can put my hands on the CD versions I will post them....

SOTISE said...

Craig , i assumed that the cd compilations were out out of print .... given that they are readily available .. please dont worry about posting them ... but thanks for the offer.. appreciated!

mp said...

hey man, the download link does not work well, you could not re-up

thanks, Greetings from argentina.

øשlqæda said...

kindly reup brother :)