14 November 2011


...thank you, Nick!


Frank Wright, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, voice
Alan Silva, bass, violin, piano, voice
Bobby Few, piano, voice

A 1. Grenada 15:51
A 2. Fondamental Blues 08:02
B 1. Who Got The Keys? 16:32
B 2. We Have Found The Keys! 07:43

Grenada recorded in Massy, January 1975.
A2 recorded in Reims, November 1975.
B1 and B2 recorded in Paris, April 1975.


(lp rip from SR102)



onxidlib said...
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bolingo69 said...

This is one of two fantastic LP's I had both back in the seventies but alas had to part with them when I had to go abroad for a few years (Brought copies on K7 but they got "borrowed") and since those years I was trying to get copies or rips and finally last year was successful! I just cannot see myself parting with them again. I now happen to be abroad again and temporarily without a copy so I will download again! Thank you very much nick for this priceless Item.
I hope there are scans of labels and covers ;-)

Much love from a thankful bolingo69 currently in Madras ;-)

wightdj said...

Thanks. I heard this once back in the '70s. Great treat.

glmlr said...

The FW 4tet from this era was one of the truly great bands.

Is Volume 2 coming?!

nsqrl said...


There's a Few more to come


glmlr said...

Thank you Nick. More or Less Few? Inner Song? Adieu ... ?

kinabalu said...

Lovely. I have all seven releases in the Centre of the World series, the first two as cd reissues, but with extra material. I recall that all seven were up on the Church #9 blog back in 07. Nice to see this one up again.

glmlr said...

You're right Kinabalu, but unfortunately back in 2007 we thought that posting in mp3 @ 192 was acceptable. How wrong we were! But those were pioneering days.

kinabalu said...

Back then I never posted in anything less than 320. If we were going to stick to mp3 files, better make them as good as possible.

kinabalu said...

Bolingo69, nice hearing from you. That was a remarkable series, wasn't it? I trust that you are in Chennai :)

bolingo69 said...

Yup a wonderful series... The music is fantastic also in most bitrates :)

Kinabalu, you mean that "currently" the place is called Chennai by some. But I am living in quarters in Mylapore that were built when it was still Madras and I am trying to stay aways as much as possible from Chennai. Just came back from a concert with T:N. Sheshagopalan who is "currently" singing a repertoire from the early 18th century Madras and I am currently looking out over the Kapaleswarar Temple from my roof ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, i can't find any mentions about these two great records availability, except those with some used expensive original copies, please repost, if this possible!

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the re-up of this and the other one. I am very much looking forward to these. Rapidshare now works well if you are willing to register for the 10GB free option: speeds are suddenly very good. Of course, their operation could just be an nssa og ghqqc front. But innocence is now just another name for nothing left to lose, right? msj

Anonymous said...

Double thanks - for both volumes!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! Thank you for the new links for both volumes!

kinabalu said...

New link: