26 October 2011

Friedrich Gulda-Nachtricht Vom Lande-(Brain - 500.018 lp) 1976)

This is one of Gulda's Lesser known records , oddly enough produced for a label , that specialised in so called 'Kraut Rock', Great bands such as Wolfgang Dauner's Etcetera, Neu, Harmonia,Guru Guru and Embryo as well as tedious forgettable Euro trash, like Birth Control, Jane and Scorpions.. this now unfortunately rare double lp, is the most experimental jazz related outing on the cult label, and is regrettably despite being among the best things on the label almost unknown , certainly little heard ....
it deserves better ,  its a neglected Masterpiece!

Gulda , was one of 20th Century Musics Controversial Eccentrics, Starting his Career as a concert Pianist performing relatively conventional standard repertoire , he developed a reputation as a highly individual interpreter of Mozart, Bach, Schubert and so forth.
by the Fifties his interest turned more and more towards Modern Jazz, his first jazz record 1957's, at Birdland is considered a minor Classic,as is his wildly varied and experimental series of records for MPS, running the Gamut of everything from Third Stream big band , to Funky piano trios, solo free improvisation ,jazz rock and world fusion , to an Extraordinary ,very Bizzare 1971 collaboration with Hippie freak Out Outsiders , Paul And Limpe Fuchs' aka Anima Sound....

This record continues along that same Trajectory, and its basically a series of improvised Jams , with an occasional , structure , or short recurring theme thrown in for good measure..

the Mysterious Ursula Anders , was Gulda's life partner, and plays percussion and various objects on this .... when i originally found this gem 20 something years ago, off course i had no idea , who Gulda was , and was largely interested in Cecil taylor , Surman, Phillips , Mangelsdorff , and Stu Martin (whom incidently at around this time were performing and recording together as Mumps)... that all changed , i am now an Avid Gulda fan ... , it  ISVexing that so little of his fairly large body of work is currently available ...

Hope you enjoy this as much as i do , i have only given the rip a very minor surface clean ... its not an ECM cd , and i refuse to make it sound like one..,
we can only hope that in due course a properly mastered edition , of this including perhaps the material from the Concert which it is rumoured was left off the double lp...

Friedrich Gulda – Nachricht Vom Lande
Label:Brain – BRAIN 500.018 ,Released:1976
A1 Einsamkeiten
A2 Begegnung Auf Moosham
B Wechselnde Begegnungen Auf Moosham

Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
C- Mooshamer Begegnungen (Fortsetzung): "Das Gewitter"
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
Composed By – Mangelsdorff*

D1- Mooshamer Begegnungen (Schluß): "Nach Dem Gewitter"
D2- Nachklänge - Rückkehr - Zweisamkeit

Electric Piano [Electro Clavichord], Recorder [Bass], Piano, Bongos, Whistle – Friedrich Gulda
Bass – Barre Phillips (tracks: A1, B to D1)
Composed By – Phillips* (tracks: A1, B to D1), Taylor* (tracks: A2 to C), Gulda*, Surman* (tracks: B to D1), Martin* (tracks: B to D1), Anders* (tracks: A1, B, C, D2)
Drums – Stu Martin (tracks: B to D1)
Drums, Whistle – Ursula Anders (tracks: A1, B, C, D2)
Electric Piano [Electro Clavichord], Recorder [Bass], Piano, Bongos, Whistle – Friedrich Gulda
Piano – Cecil Taylor (tracks: A2 to C)
Saxophone [Soprano, Baritone], Synthesizer – John Surman (tracks: B to D1)

Recorded live in Summer 1976 at Schloß Moosham in Lungau, Salzburg.
Track 2 also includes thunder, wind and rain as background sounds from a thunderstorm.

Please note , have not separated the 2 tracks on D , they run together anyway, NOTE the source vinyl is in only fair condition , playable but very crackly , these are the raw materials do with them what you will.. if anyone has a better rip, post it , if you want to clean this up and repost it here by all means do so.

Ursula Anders and Gulda ,recorded several other Albums together for Interchord, Amadeo.. well worth tracking down is 1980's 'Opus Anders '
i have a very worn Barely playable copy , and am looking to buy Cd which i believe was reissued on Amadeo.

buy some available items if you have the Opportunity
UPDATE- a friend has kindly ripped his own copy , which is in much better shape than mine , i'm deleting my links .... he says he doesnt like the album much , feels that its a complete mismatch .... anyhow here are his links
these are the ones you need

Thanks Glmlr


Arizona Phossils said...

sounds great! thanks/

denial said...

i've been lurking here a bit and thought it was about time i give thanks for your sharing ...

your taste and generosity is much appreciated!

it's such a privilege to have access to all these oop recordings ... thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I have been curious about this since finding the broken link on here years ago. Thanks for taking the time to re-upload it. I am sure there are many, across the world, rejoicing as a result.

Anonymous said...

I think I bought this for exactly the same reason as you, mainly the presence of Cecil Taylor, Barre Philips, etc. I knew Gulda's name but not much else beyond that. I agree it's a gem. It's rare but not well known so it can still be had for a reasonable price. My copy was $25 some years back and I've seen copies on e-bay go for similar prices since then. So don't despair of finding a copy of this LP for a reasonable price (at least until people catch on to how good it is).


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Any chance to repost? Please!

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No repost still - but now there is MEGA! A re-up would be marvellous. Thank you very much!

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thats the link you ask for
enjoy it like i did
long live music
Armando Cortez

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Armando Cortez again
Unfortunately the 2nd LP get lost
So we would wish to reupload some guy the secong LP of this important Album.
I'm optimist that out there are good guys
expecting & thank..
Armando Cortez

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Armando thank you 'bout 1st LP of set .
Where is the second?Anybody would complete this tremendous meeting?
thanks in advance
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any possibility to reupload 2nd LP in lossess ??
thanks in advance
thodor akis

Calisan said...

Any chance for second lp? This gem deserves a complete upgrade in flac with artwork! Very rare!
Outstanding first lp!

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any possibility to upload in lossless the 2nd LP of this gorgeous album -if i understamd from 1st Lp uploaded from Armando Cortez may be??- pleeeease...

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thanks for the re-up! msj

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thank you very much for making true my persistent request.
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