12 October 2011

Amiri Baraka & Dave Burrell - Live in Rome '11

Just got this concert from dear friend PINO27 who recommends
the listening : brief but intense!

Rec. live at "Casa del Jazz", Rome, Italy, on October 3rd, 2011,
during "Normali Marziani Festival" (mics recording)

Amiri Baraka,reading
Dave Burrell,piano

1. Funk Lore (14:41)
2. Be Bop Poem (03:54)
3. Allah Mean Everything (11:01)
4. Somebody Blew Up America (12:27)

Total Time 42:04

Be Bop Poem


riccardo said...

mp3 (124 MB)

flac (246 MB)

trane said...

Thanks again!, intense duo for sure

Anonymous said...

cool - i'm keen to hear that!

Wallofsound said...

Anything with Burrell makes my day.

Ilario Rozen said...

Hi Riccardo,
many thans to you and Pino27 blog

Pino27 said...

Thank you, Riccardo.
I'm very happy to see that a lot of people like this concert.
I was there: it was fantastic.
Listen to it!

Arcturus said...

always appreciate more of Baraka's performances w/ musicians - thank you riccardo

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

any possibility of a reup? would love to hear this..

René said...

A reup would be great!