1 July 2011

Anthony Davis & James Newton Quartet - Live in Rome '79

A supplement to a previous post.
(Ilario's tape)

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St. Louis", Rome, Italy, on December 15,
1979 (mix recording)

James Newton,flute
Anthony Davis,piano
Rick Roozie,bass
Pheeroan akLaff,drums

1. Lake [J.Newton] (17:28))
2. An Anthem For The Generation That Died [A.Davis] (16:54)
3. Meditations On Integration [C.Mingus] (28:06)
4. Hocket In The Pocket [A.Davis] (08:35)
5. Unknown [inc.] (21:08)

Total Time 1:32:13

Hocket In The Pocket


riccardo said...

mp3 (203 MB)

flac (535 MB) part1 part2

sasha said...

Awesome group..Remember those wonderful Indaia Navigation recordings these dudes laid down? Really somethin' else..Many thanks for this gem.

trane said...

Great, thanks to both you and Ilario

Owombat said...

great music, Riccardo!
and, what a coincidence! For those of you having access to DIME, i just upped a Newton-Davis duo from Copenhagen 1993 there...

Ilario Rozen said...

Great concert: always fantastic unissued recordings!

Marcus said...

Great! Thanks!!

Arcturus said...

prime time newton, thanks!

naturalsax said...

Can someone re-up please! Looks great.

mew23 said...

Re-up (flac)
1fichier     or
zippy   part1   part2

francisco santos said...


jeff said...

mew23, Thanks for the reup of this show. Was hoping to listen to it over the weekend before posting a comment.... But it was a very busy weekend :). Hopefully give a whirl this evening.