7 June 2011



Track 1,2 & 3 :

Peter Hennix, Torsten Eckerman, trumpet
Roland Keijser, clarinet
Alponso Dantzler, alto saxophone
Göran Freese, alto saxophone, flute
Gunnar Lindqvist, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano
Rune Stålspets, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Allan Olsson, baritone saxophone, flute
Åke Holmqvist, melodica, recorder
Allan Wajda, piano, recorder
Kjell Norlén, guitar,
Ivar Lindell, Göran Oskarsson, bass
Bampe Karlsson, Bosse Skoglund, drums (1,2)
Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, alto saxophone (2),
Sune Spångberg, drums (3)

Track 4 :

Peter Hennix, Maffy Falay, Torsten Eckerman, Lalle Svensson, trumpet
Bo Lindenstrand, alto saxophone
Gunnar Lindqvist, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Roland Keijser, Tommy Koverhult, tenor saxophone, flute
Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, oboe
Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, tenor saxophone
Gunnar Bergsten, Göran Freese, baritone saxophone
Allan Olsson, baritone saxophone,,flute
Ove Karlsson, Mats Hagström, cello
Björn Alke, bass, cello
Lennart Sandsjö, bass
Bampe Karlsson, Sven-Åke Johansson, Gunnar Nyberg, Bengt Berger, drums
Peter Smoliansky, bongos

1. Waves 05:51
2. Experience X 06:31
3. Orangutan 07:22
4. Freedom - Equality - Brotherhood 16:04

All music composed by G.Lindqvist.
Track 1 - 3 recorded at Stockholmsterassen on March 19, 1969.
Track 4 recorded at EMI Studio, Stockholm on March 22, 1970.

EMI ODEON E062-34163

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onxidlib said...
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corvimax said...

uhhh! from some of the names that I know here it looks a big promise, thanks again and again onxidlib

Clifford Allen said...

Totally as killer as you'd expect. I wrote a little bit on it for Paris Transatlantic some time ago - who knows, maybe someday it'll get reissued?


onxidlib said...

Thanks for your comments, gents.

Would be nice to see a proper reissue.

There are at least three other releases with Gunnar Lindqvist.

Lars Resberg Octet (Jazz Society SEP001; 1958)

plus one track on each of the following releases:

Lars Gullin "Bluesport" from 1974 and "Like Grass" 1973 also Lars Gullin.

Both releases from the swedish label Odeon which were reissued as CDs at the end of the 1990s.

kinabalu said...

Yes, this one is spectacular. Appreciated!

verge said...

Wow, i know i've seen that LP cover before, maybe it was in one of those Wax Poetics Covert Story books? Maybe, not sure.
But thanks, line up looks promising and of course i need to hear something with a cover like that! :)

Anonymous said...

A fine example from the golden
era of collective improvisations
(65-75) and a very influent
record for the younger Swedish
musicians. Thank you, Onxidlib.


Bhowani said...

Thanks a lot onxidlib for this proposal !

after all these comments (thanks everybody), I'm sure I will start a fantastic journey with this unknown to me line up !!

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Many thanks.

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly, onxidlib.

ooftü said...

such a classic, thank you

nod said...

Thank onxidlib for this treasure
Some years ago during an interview for French radio, drummer Raymond Strid say that it was for him a crucial listening experience. This band is totally great and it is also a focus on te swedish music scene of this time when prog, folk and jazz were meeting in the same area.