8 May 2011

MARCEL BÁRTA & MUFF - Live @ Jazz Club Železná, Prague, 2oo2-o6-o2

MARCEL BÁRTA & MUFF - Live @ Jazz Club Železná, Prague, 2oo2-o6-o2

1. Ufofka (Jakub Zitko)
2. Standardman (Jakub Zitko)
3. The Three Trees (Jakub Zitko)
4. Two For Bleu (Charlie Hunter)
5. Red Gator (Medeski, Martin & Wood)
6. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria)
7. 13 (Jakub Zitko)
8. Black Is Black (Marcel Barta)

Marcel Bárta - alto & soprano saxes, bass clarinet
Jiří Šimek - electric guitar
Jakub Zitko - hammond organ
Jakub Vejnar - bass guitar
Roman Vícha - drums
Miloš Dvořáček - percussion, trumpet

Recorded and mastered by Honzin
Published as self released demo CD-R

Marcel Bárta (born 1974) is active on Czech jazz scene since 90's. He formerly played alto & soprano sax and bass clarinet (strongly influenced by Eric Dolphy), in recent years he is playing mostly tenor instead of alto. Muff was first project under his leadership and was main attraction in Prague jazz clubs during late 90's and early years of our century. Their inspirations include electric Miles, as well as many contemporary and nu jazz stuff. Band stopped playing for some years then, as members were busy in other line-ups like NUO, Vertigo Quintet, Soil, Ondřej Konrád & Gumbo or Face Of The Bass. Their reformation is tied mostly with opening of new place, Jazz Dock club at Vltava riverside in 2oo9, where keyboard player Jakub Zitko is doing programme, in between his musician's duties. Muff released fine debut album on Animal Music label in 2o1o, but this old recording remains unequalled due to my ears. Great sax and bass clarinet playing, as well as inventive hammond work.



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The Haunter said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. This a fantastic. Thank you.

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:D:D:D Thank you for reaction, Haunter! I will have more music like that...

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Good one, thanks.

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a bit more here for now = http://www.multiupload.com/EPEMEZU7X6

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NEW LINK @ Google Drive

Miloš Latislav said...

In the meantime, Muff released two good albums, downloadable with Name your price option from Bandcamp: