18 May 2011

Company - Live in London '79 vol.2

This session of the Company took place at ICA (Institute of
Contemporary Arts in London) the following day that at
the Conway Hall : same line-up with the "little" addition
of A.Braxton.

Rec. live at "ICA", London, on March 4, 1979
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto sax (1-3/6)
Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone (3/5)
Han Bennink,drums,viola,bass clarinet,trumpet,etc (4/6)
Wadada Leo Smith,trumpet (3/6)
Evan Parker,tenor and soprano saxophones (1-2/4)
Tristan Honsinger,cello (1-2/5)
Derek Bailey,electric and acoustic guitars (3/4)
Maarten van Regteren Altena,bass (3)

1. AB/EP/TH #1 (11:19)
2. AB/EP/TH #2 07:31)
3. MA/DB/WLS/AB/SL (24:08)
4. HB/EP/DB (23:47)
5. SL/TH (12:44)
6. AB/HB/WLS 31:50)

Total Time 1:51:22



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mp3 (246 MB)

flac (678 MB) part1 part2

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Hi Riccardo, thanks a lot for this treasure.

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Very happy to have Vol. 2, thanks.

Phonemes said...

Great show, thank you for sharing!

Art of Peace Collective said...

Thank you for both volumes. What a delicious looking lineup!

JC said...

Thanks. Only familiar with the first show. This should be very nice with that addition.

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