28 May 2011

Brass Bang! - Live in Camerino '10

An explosive brass band born around the table of a
restaurant in the 2009 summer.
Higly recommended.

Rec. live at "Teatro Filippo Marchetti", Camerino (Macerata),
Italy, on July 22, 2010 (radio broadcast)

Paolo Fresu,trumpet,flugelhorn,effects
Steven Bernstein,trumpet,slide trumpet,effects
Gianluca Petrella,trombone,effects
Marcus Rojas,tuba,percussion

01. Intro (02:31)
02. Zero [L.Bowie] (09:42)
03. Dissonanze Cognitive [P.Fresu] (05:16)
04. G.Petrella & P.Fresu speak (01:12)
05. Choral [M.Rojas]/Moon River [H.Mancini] (09:25)
06. Shorty [S.Bernstein] (07:50)
07. S.Bernstein speaks (02:03)
08. Rockin' In Rhythm [D.Ellington]/As Tears Go By [M.Jagger] (14:41)
09. G.Petrella speaks (0:44)
10. Navigation n°14 [G.Petrella] (08:27)
11. Romanza [P.Fresu] (02:49)
12. Maniac Depression [J.Hendrix] (05:41)
13. Non Potho Reposare [Traditional] (08:07)
14. Guarda Che Luna [W.Malgoni] (06:11)

Total Time 1:24:45

Guarda Che Luna


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Excerpt sounds great - looking forward to more..

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Great music !

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Thanks, this sounds great. I'm a big fan of Petrella after seeing him a couple of times with Enrico Rava.

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