12 May 2011


Here's Anthony Braxton's first japanese adventure - upon request.


Anthony Braxton, sopranino & alto saxophone, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, flute
Masahiko Sato, piano
Keiki Midorikawa, bass
Hozumi Tanaka, percussion (only track 4)

1. Composition 23N 11:45
2. Composition 23P 08:32
3. Composition 23M 10:55
4. Composition 23(O) 10:30

Recorded in Tokyo, Japan on 11th January, 1973.



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

FWIW, if Braxton is playing the instrument in the picture: that's a contrabass saxophone, not a contrabass clarinet. I've played cb clarinet and it's a cool instrument (and I know that AB frequently plays one as on the Montreux double album); however, cb sax is altogether cooler. There are only a handful, maybe 20 to 30, in the entire world. I look forward to hearing this: it looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.
-Davide Davidos

Anonymous said...

Dear grgo62,
I am so grateful to your this upload. I had looked for this for long.

So, pls. just wirte your requests on "Request" corner of this blog. I will see them and upload what I have.

onxidlib said...

@ Davide Davidos
I know that it's "only" a contrabass-sax - I haven't found any picture of Braxton with a cbcl...

Concerning a request:

Maybe you have something from the clarinet player Hans Kumpf.
Or the LP from Kim Dae Hwan - "Huk Woo" ("Black Rain") or

"To whom it may concern" Allelopathy ALL-1. Two quartets including Evan Parker.

"Instant Demo"
Jabrec Korea with Choi Sun Bae

this is what comes to my mind for the moment.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i feel somewhat foolish as I cannot find the link...Help Me

onxidlib said...
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Sivad said...

I'm very grateful! Thanks!

john said...

many thanks, a nice piece of early Braxton I had on vinyl years ago; I particularly like track 4.

Frédito said...

This is lovely !
Thank you Onxidlib.

1009 said...

Very cool set, with Japanese players I've never heard of but play very well. Nice rip, too!

Anyone out there have a decent scan of this cover?

kinabalu said...

I do, so I did a scan of the front and back of the platter and edited the post accordingly. Trust that's fine with you, onx?

onxidlib said...

Sure :)

Thank you Kinabalu!

Anonymous said...

Bought it shortly after it hit the local shop - '75 I believe. I haven't heard it in a decade or more but recall not finding it as exciting as many of his other records of the period. It will be nice to hear it again. Many thanks.


onxidlib said...
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onxidlib said...


DW said...

onxidib, thank you!

Javier Roz said...

Many many thanks onxidlib! What a great one!

francisco santos said...