7 April 2011

Sean Bergin & Radio Freedom All Stars - Jazz For Freedom!


1. Sonia (Mongezi Feza) 12.52
2. Sofa (Sean Bergin) 7.54
3. Park Station (Mervyn Africa) / Dudu (Sean Bergin) 19.41
4. Gwidza (Dollar Brand) 8.56
5. Tutu 1 & 2 (Sean Bergin) 15.12


Claude Deppa - trumpet
Wolter Weirbos - trombone
Sean Bergin - soprano & tenor sax, concertina, voice
Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet
Mervyn Africa - piano
Franky Douglas - guitar
Ernst Reijseger - cello
Paul Rogers - bass
Lesley Joseph - bass guitar
Eddy Veldman - drums (left channel)
Louis Moholo - drums (right channel)

Recorded November 24, 1989 at Nederlands Congresgebouw, Hague, Holland

Varajazz 1990 (Varagram VCD 006-02)

This joyous celebration of SA jazz & freedom is led by South African born saxophonist Sean Bergin, based in Holland, and was recorded as live radio session. Line up is a mixture of Dutch and South African players and includes Master drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo (Bergin was member of his band Viva La Black at the time) and trumpeter Claude Deppa. Comprised of 3 Bergin's compositions plus a piece by pianist Mervyn Afrika, one Dollar Brand's tune and legendary theme Sonia by Mongezi Feza, immortalised by Robert Wyatt on his Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard album, Jazz For Freedom is maybe not as great as Brotherhood Of Breath, their individual members' work or other Bergin's recordings, but still worth to hear and pretty rare to find. This cd was surprising found object at one Prague second hand music cellar for me and is unavailable for long time I believe, as Dutch Varagram label is no more in function due to my research.


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wightdj said...

Delightful, thanks.

mike said...

Thanks for this, miloo!

Any chance we'll see those Elton Dean's, too? "Bologna Tapes" and "Welcomet"? I'd love to see those.

kinabalu said...

I'll dip into this for sure! And welcome to the club!

I have the Bologna tapes, but if Miloo wants to have a go at it, be my guest!

miloo2 said...

K: I am honoured to be in this club :)

M: I already uploaded Bologna Tape mp3, if you don't want to wait for flac - http://ultrashare.net/hosting/fl/8689401980

nsqrl said...

This is wonderful, Miloo, and thanks to everyone for the posts on this amazing blog.

mike said...

Thanks, miloo, but the link does not seem to open. I've had several others on SoulSeek try it too, and they cannot open the link either. Could you post it on another sharing site? Thanks in advance!

miloo2 said...

You are right, Mike. Ultrashare seems not working at the moment, maybe some server problem. I will try to up on multiupload. I am preparing Welcomet too, but it has some craclings, despite that it was completely new vinyl, and i am still working on it, so be patient please. Cheers.

miloo2 said...

EDQ The Bologna Tape re-up: http://www.multiupload.com/Y8V7QL7VPB

mike said...

Thanks, miloo2!!

miloo2 said...
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miloo2 said...

once more here RS flac

Henri said...

Thanks for the re-up...sounds great. It would be nice if you could make the Bologna Tape available again (as a post of its own maybe?) please, please...mind you, I am already overwhelmed by the treasures to be found on your brilliant blog...


multiupload link for Bologna Tape only gives depositfiles link [http://depositfiles.com/files/yd7g1nt8f] which is Dead.

kinabalu said...

As I said above, I have the Bologna Tapes on vinyl, but if Miloo2 wants to have another go at it, it's fine with me. We'll work this out to everyone's satisfaction, I'm sure.

miloo2 said...

The Bologna Tape will be up soon as a proper post, at last.

Peter said...

All links gone unfortunately.

miloo2 said...

Peter, if You man Bergin, RS link above is still on - https://rapidshare.com/files/2328043760/SEA_BERG_-_JzzFrFrdm__1989_.7z