20 April 2011


In the beginning I didn't like the music very much but after listening to it three times I enjoy it quite a lot.

This is Lisle Ellis aka L.S. Lansall-Ellis' and Paul Plimley's first recordings.

Thanks to W. for the loan of the LP.

(Update for 09/2016:
I really would like to recommend a double CD > Al Neil Trio "Retrospective 1965-1968".
It's worth every penny I gave. It is a limited edition. And Gregg Simpson is the drummer.
A real important piece of Jazz history - and with music as excellent and singular as any better known ensembles from this time.
Take a look here
More info here and there.)

Paul Cram, alto & tenor saxophone
Ralph Eppel, trombone & euphonium
Paul Plimley, piano
L.S. Lansall-Ellis, bass
Gregg Simpson, drums

1. 10 x 10 (L.S. Lansall-Ellis) 10:54
2. Up Til Now (New Orchestra Quintet) 13:12
3. Terminal Shift (N.O.Q, arr. by R.Eppel) 11:08
4. Delicate Chestnut Roll (Paul Plimley) 15:39

Recorded at PSI-CHORD Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, January 28, 1979.




onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Gregg Simpson is selling this as a double Cd-R on his website if you want to hear more. There is tones of other albums to get from him. These are indeed the first recordings of the NOW Orchestra and Paul Plimley. They now record for Spool Records mostly (did stuff with Rene Lussier, Marilyn Crispell or George Lewis) but Gregg returned to painting (which he never stopped doing, he is a founder of the West Coast Surrealist Group in Vancouver back in the 60s) and he left NOW a long time ago.

onxidlib said...

Thanks for your info.
Under these circumstances I'll delete the files.

Anonymous said...


I'm the poster of the info. In fact I really like Gregg's music, he is a good drummer. I think it's a good idea to have the opportunity to hear his music and if people are interested they can all go check out his other CDs at http://www.greggsimpson.com/content/gsimpson/CDOrdering.html

So, if I may suggest to put the link back, so that everyone can judge for themselves if they are interested. The Lp version that you provided is different from the Cd so you would not interfere with any of the musicians by making the music available.

thank you and you do a very good work, all the music is very crucial to me.

onxidlib said...

Thank you again!!

Here is the link - again.


Anonymous said...

I just emailed Gregg Simpson in hopes of buying $45 worth of music from him. Music blogs work!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


correct silence said...

Who say that the blogs are some of the reasons that the sale of music become less and less good? it is after downloading this album and reading the preview comments that I go at Greg Simpson's home page and just ordered the box set of the New Orchestra Quintet. Without this post I would probably never be aware of this band.

correct silence said...

I have hesitate many times before leaving this comment but I think it is important for others followers to have my opinion. In a preview comment I told that I will order the box set because this album is great and I wanted more. But the box set is a little bit a disappointment, the sound of most of the recordings is poor and for many of those it is because the recordings haven't been remastered and transfered directly from tapes that have been stored during a long time. even the quality of the tracks of the lp presented here have a worse quality than this lp rip. I think that the box set is only for hard core collectors.