5 April 2011

Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Last Battle

I posted a little while ago the second album from Talisker, which met with a very positive response, so all reason then to move on to their third, "The Last Battle", out on the Vinyl label in Germany. There were a few more Talisker albums, but I haven't been able to locate any yet.

The idea is, as on the former, to mix traditional or traditionally-tinged tunes with vocal and instrument improvisations. Here the group does their own vocalising, starting with a little introduction from all four of them. It moves on through jigs and laments and home-made funk to free-for-all collective playing, some written or at least pre-planned and others done on the spot. For further info, consult the two-page insert that came with the record and which I have scanned and apprended to this post. A highlight, for this listener, is the wonderfully emotive tenor solo by John Rangecroft on "McCrimmon's Lament". Also note Hyder's clipped, precise playing throughout. I'm sure he's picked up a thing or two from John Stevens. In general, top lads all around!

Basic info:
Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Last Battle
Vinyl VS 107 (1978)

Side one

a1_My Name Is
a2_Miss Mary Morrison of Barra-Paddy's Leather Breeches*-MacCrimmon's Lament*
a3_Calum Hyder's Welcome to South London

Side two

b1_Tha Cu Ban Againn**-The Last Battle
b2_Wee Davie and Big John
b3_Whistle Ower the Lave O'T*


Davie Webster alto saxophone, vocals
John Rangecroft tenor saxophone, clarinet, vocals
John Lawrence string bass, bass guitar, vocals
Ken Hyder drums, percussion, kalenga, dried peas, vocals

All compositions by Ken Hyder, except *trad. arr. Hyder and ** Hyder/Rangecroft

Recorded and mixed at Riverside Recordings, London, 15th and 16th February, 1978


kinabalu said...
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mike said...

Thanks a lot for this! I've the other Talisker albums, and I never even knew this one existed!

E-mile said...

Strange & Beautiful trip, thanks a lot Kinabalu!
peace, E-mile

Wally said...

Thanks muchly Kinabalu.
I remember seeing Talisker back in the day, with an audience of abot 20 people. Wonderful. I had never heard of this album tho.

Anonymous said...

Long long time ago i used to listen a lot to Talisker.
Thanks a lot for this.

miloo2 said...

Thanks Kinabalu - you was reading my thoughts when posting this. After Land of Stone post i was thinking about this album, which i got on second generation casette copy from years ago. Such a original music. Anyway, do have somebody Keith & Julie Tippetts' Warm Spirits - Cool Spirits, which was also released on Vinyl Records?

kinabalu said...

miloo, yes, I have that one. I'll put it on the to-do list.

ubu said...

Any chance for a new (or working) link?

Would be most appreciated!

kinabalu said...
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ubu said...

Many, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

The rapidshare link posted april,5 seems to be "Land of Stone" ,not "The Last Battle".
A re-up would be greatly appreciated.

kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately the link from August 9th is not working
anyway, this is the greatest music-blog on earth!

kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

my prayer was heard
thanks for the re-up!
it's working fine

toci said...

Thanks a lot!

chris_c said...

thank you!

unitstructure said...

Terrific,high energy playing.They must have blown the roof off the place live.Thanks

kinabalu said...

New links:



Norm said...


Javier Roz said...

Great! Thanks Kinabalu!

dynabert said...

Hello, could you please re-up? I have Talisker's other albums on vinyl but I've been looking for that one unsuccessfully for decades!

Many thanks for your great blog.

kinabalu said...

@dynabert: The Adrive link is still working.

dynabert said...

@kinabalu: Thanks a lot! You've made my day.