30 April 2011

HARRY BECKETT - Pictures Of You (Paladin 1985)

1. What's The Secret 9.14
2. Pictures Of You 8.36
3. One Step Ahead 8.10
4. In Case You Hadn't Heard Mrs Smith Is Here 8.29
5. The Chosen One 9.52

Harry Beckett - trumpet
Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Pete Sabberton - piano
Mick Hutton - double bass
Tony Marsh - drums
Tim Whitehead - tenor sax on 3
Leroy Osborne - vocals on 2

Recorded at Wave Studios, 1985
(Paladin Records / Virgin 1985 LP)

This album is clear straight ahead date, similiar in line up to previously posted two Harry Beckett Quintet BBC sessions from 1980's.  Melodic themes and fierce soloing from all involved. 


miloo2 said...

http://www.multiupload.com/CSORZ96N41 - I have posted mp3 for now, as dont have CD at home actually and also original vinyl was not in very good condition. Can post flac later, if somebody want to spend some time on refining it. Also if someone have better quality copy, it would be great to hear. Enjoy!

Wallofsound said...

I don' have this Harry Beckett, so the chance to listen is very welcome. The flac would be great, though.

Uri said...

Despite the somewhat crummy sound quality, the music is highly enjoyable.
Many thanks for the share, Miloo!

corvimax said...

good, thank you

john said...

thanks, this is a great line-up from a great period in British jazz, so I'm looking forward to it.

miloo2 said...

i see i confused some of you with wrong year of release in title - sorry, it is corrected now

miloo2 said...

at last here is FLAC version with slightly improved sound


miloo2 said...

new link for flac at


Anonymous said...

Really appreciate the re-post - I have been in pursuit of a copy of this for many years. Looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with this one!

bventure said...

Hi miloo2, just spotted the re-up, but the link seems already dead. Any chance of a re-re-up?

Andy said...

@bventure. It appears to be working for me.

Andy said...

Some very unElton sounding Dean..

miloo2 said...

In case of difficulties with ulozto.net, just change first part of address (domain) for ulozto.cz or uloz.to. It will be in Czech then, and stáhnout = download.

@Andy - yes, it is bit un-typical Elton...

Javier Roz said...

Still alive! Thanks!