4 April 2011


This the last Cramps release I have in my collection - maybe I'm able to "find" some more during the next weeks.
If so I shall share them as well - probably Cage + Stratos and Tudor and???


Derek Bailey, guitar

01. M1 01:35
02. M2 02:35
03. M3 04:13
04. M4 03:42
05. M5 02:42
06. M6 02:07
07. M7 01:43
08. M8 02:19
09. M9 04:44
10. M10 02:49
11. M11 02:10
12. M12 04:06
13. M13 04:12
14. M14 04:04

Recorded September 16-18, 1975 in Studio Ricordi, Milan.

CRAMPS CRSLP 6202 DIVerso n.2 (Released 1975)
(japanese version POCE-1194)


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

This is some sort of serendipity as I just lost out on this on ebay... thanks very much indeed!

marten512 said...

I really enjoyed this (which came as a bit of a surprise as I, personally, have previously found Mr Bailey's solo stuff hard going) so thank you very much.

Rick said...

Thanks for your fantastic blog. Please note this is tagged "Derek Baily" but should be "Bailey" along with the other albums.

onxidlib said...

Thanks - I've changed it to "Derek Bailey'.

Elliot Knapp said...

Totally wicked album, one of my Bailey favorites! Just wrote about it too on my music blog.

akaboshi14 said...

Hello onxidlib, could you re-up this please? thanks!

onxidlib said...


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francisco santos said...

BIG THX !....