5 December 2018

UNI TRIO (rehearsal extract, 1968)

R.I.P.  (September 17, 1938 - December 2, 2018)

Perry Robinson, clarinet
David Izenzon, double bass
Randy Kaye, drums

1. Raga Roni - take 1 (03:46)
2. Raga Roni - take 2 (00:43)
3. Raga Roni - take 3 (00:23)
4. Raga Roni - take 4 (04:46)
5. Laser Beam Blues (05:50)
6. Lullaby of the Elements - take 1 (06:14)
7. Lullaby of the Elements - take 2 (03:31)
8. Children's Song (02:01)

Recorded at Vanguard Studios, NYC on 25th January, 1968.

Note : Exact date and location according George Sala's website
http://www.mindspring.com/~scala/izenzon.htm and
according the memories from the owner of the tape
from which I have made this copy - on the tape one can read :" rec. RCA New York 1968".


onxidlib said...
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jackalope said...

Great to hear some fine playing from Perry Robinson! Thank you for sharing this rare gem. It's a shame this group never made a professional recording - they obviously have chemistry and liked working together (from '65 -> sometime in the 70's I think).

mew23 said...

Here's what Perry Robinson said about this incarnation of the Uni Trio - from his autobiography "The Traveler" (Writers Club Press, 2002, p. 140), in the chapter on the "Later David Izenzon":

"Over the years I continued playing with David. I had later versions of the Uni Trio including one with Henry [Grimes] and Tom Price and another with Steve Tintweiss and drummer Randy Kaye. Then I had a Uni Trio with Dave and Randy, and that was one of the highest. I started playing with Randy in the mid-1960s when I was playing with trumpeter Enrico Rava. Randy became a dear fried of mine, and he was everywhere in those days: he used to sit in at The Dom with Tony Scott, he played with my friend Billy Folwell, and of course Jimmy Giuffre loved Randy, he was Jimmy's favorite drummer of all time. Randy is a very important drummer from those times, he blew everybody's mind when he came onto the scene. He's a very tasty player; he plays with the movements of his body, and he gets a certain feeling that I love. Dave and I used to play in Dave's basement, and sometimes Randy would come over. I still have some tapes from those sessions, they're amazing."

onxidlib said...

Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...


lists this:

Date: January 25, 1968
Location: Vanguard Studios, New York City
Label: [private recording]
Perry Robinson (ldr), Perry Robinson (cl), David Izenzon (b), Randy Kaye (d)

a. 01 Raga Roni (Perry Robinson)
b. 02 Lullaby Of The Elements (Perry Robinson)
c. 03 Mountain Soup (Perry Robinson)
d. 04 Ballad Improvisation (Perry Robinson, David Izenzon, Randy Kaye)
e. 05 Children's Song (Perry Robinson)
f. 06 Harem Dance (Perry Robinson)

Group known as the Uni Trio. Information from Ben Young and Carlos Kase discography of David Izenzon, also from "Perry Robinson: The Traveler."

serviceton said...

What a great little tune !! (Tracks 1 to 4)
The title is 'Raga Roni' , (despite sounding funky, and not 'Indian'). Robinson made a trio album with Badal Roy and Ed Schuller of this name.
I think track 5 is "Laser Beam Blues" (that's just from listening to the voice on the tape).
Fascinating rehearsal tape - if only an album had come out !!

onxidlib said...

That's it - some listening > "Laser Beam Blues"

Thank you Serviceton!

mew23 said...

New link:

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hey mew23 - reliable as ever. Really thank you very much for your help/reup.
Just in time - today I would have re-ripped the cassette.

correct silence said...

Hey Mew23, your hard disk is a gold mine. We can always trust you. Thank you for the way you take care of our request and particularly mine.

francisco santos said...


Luc Mosley said...

thank you!

john said...

Thank you, I look forward to listening to this.

rev.b said...

Much appreciated. I'll miss PR.

Bhowani said...

Great! Thanks a lot, Mew!