26 March 2014


Again : will this excellent album ever be reissued?

Do yourself a favour and check it out - the same goes for my previous post > Robert Pozar's "Good Golly, Miss Nancy".

An interview with Ed Curran >

Without friends a lot of my posts wouldn't be possible...thank you J. , W. , K. , M. and J. from F.!!


Marc Levin, cornet, fluegelhorn, mellophone
Ed Curran, alto saxophone, clarinet
Kiyoshi Tokunaga, bass
Robert Pozar, drums

1. Cire 06:16
2. Why 03:47
3. Mid Tempo 03:52
4. Looking Back 05:11
5. Duns 04:12
6. Lady A 04:48
7. Nicole 06:52
8. Drac 03:27

Recorded in New York on March 17th, 1967.

(produced by Bill Dixon)

SAVOY MG 12191


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does he look just like Bruno Kirby?

wightdj said...

Cool, I lost this in the same flood that wiped out half of my early vinyl collection. I remember finding this one, the Pozar and a Joseph Scianni, all Savoy, in a department store cut-out bin for 99 cents each, brand new. Thanks for a much appreciated reunion.

Frédito said...

Superb, I love it.
Merci, Onxidlib.

Igor said...

A first-rate surprise!
Many thanks for sharing this album, onxidlib.

unitstructure said...

A very well though out recording.According to the liner notes this was posted on Elysa's 44th birthday! The interview w/curran is interesting too.
I especially enjoyed the clarinet,low end brass,andthe drumming on "drac".Thanks!

boethiusjr said...

Thank you I really enjoyed these Savoys

Greg Pickersgill said...

Fabulous! I have wanted to hear all this lp ever since hearing a couple of tracks on another blog. I'm so pleased - and it's all good too!

I LOVE INCONSTANT SOL! I have found many hopelessly unobtainable and OP sides on IC, and also encountered so much more new music, records and artists I had never so much as heard of before they featured here. You've doing a wonderful thing.

onxidlib said...
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headman said...

Thanks for putting this up again, onxidlib...it's brilliant. Hearing this and the Robert Pozar again, has made my day!

Why oh why have neither been re-issued?

Solomon said...

Thank you!

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

my computer seems to think there's a virus in that file, could it be??

onxidlib said...

I don't think so - the files were stashed since the first upload on a external hd.
But off course I can't be sure either 'cause I might got a virus sometime.
I shall check it, though.

eternal rhythm said...

A real great album and an interesting approach to avant garde, a different vision than the e.s.p sound at the time, very influenced by Eric Dolphy but very personal too, Thanks Onxidlib