20 September 2019


Born as Robert F. Pozar on August 8, 1941 and died in April 2019.
Played with Bill Dixon on the seminal "Intents and Purposes".
But also with Bobby Naughton, Cooper-Moore and Bob James among others.

Check out this interview.

Cleve Pozar, percussion, vibes, vocal, tape, etc.

(Steve Whynott, guitar for the prerecorded tape)

CSP 125B
1. Changes 11:37
2. Cosmic Piece 07:16
 CSP 125A
3. Magistrate Lousvart 08:58
4. The Winged Coyote 06:18
5. Echo Afrika 06:10

Recorded at Intermedia Sound, Boston, Massachusetts in ~ 1972.

CSP 125A & B (on label)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Igor said...

Wow! What a pleasant surprise!
Many thanks, onxidlib.

There's another Pozar's album that was available on the blogland a few years ago. It's Good Golly Miss Nancy, which was produced by Bill Dixon for Savoy.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Bill Dixon produced not only "Good Golly Miss Nancy" but also at least three other albums for Savoy.
Ed Curran: "Elysa", Marc Levin's "The Dragon Suite" (http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2009/01/mark-levin-dragon-suitesavoy-new-jazz.html) and Marzette Watts.
There are other interesting LPs on Savoy.
For example Joseph Scianni & David Izenzon "Man Running" (will be posted later)or Valdo Williams "New Advanced Jazz".
And there is off course the Bill Dixon-Archie Shepp Quartet (recently reissued) and a split LP Dixon/Shepp also on Savoy.
"Bill Dixon 7-tette/Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5" - this one was also (again) reissued.

kinabalu said...

Nothing like a bit of discography! The only Savoys I have, as far as I can recall, are Yusef Lateef - Morning: The Savoy Sessions - basically a compilation of three abums released on the label back in 1957 - and The Individualism of Pee Wee Russell - from 1952. Both very fine in their own right.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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SantosCurser said...

gracias por el re-post

tpfkaa said...

Can this re-up? Thank you,

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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tpfkaa said...

Thank you onxidlib.

francisco santos said...

Big THX !....

Anonymous said...

Hi I don't know who have done the transfer but the sound is in mono and the using of a sound compression is a very very bad idea. if I can and if the owner of the copy could do a new transfer in stereo and without compression it would be great thanks

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I've ripped the LP in stereo without any compression whatsoever.
I never use any filtering or compression at all.
Sometimes I remove pops/cracks manually - that's all.
A new rip would be almost impossible.
I've got the LP from a former colleague and he's retired....

Anonymous said...

Hi Onxidlib
I have downloaded the file one more time and I really can tell you that he is in mono. You haven't perhaps downloaded it in mono but I suggest you to download it and listen with head phones and you will hear that he is in mono.

Anonymous said...

Hello Onxidlib.
I can't imagine that the master of this lp that you have is in mono, it is probably not. So perhaps something happened during the upload, would it be possible for you to reload it this lp seems totally exciting? thank in advance if you can.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

New re-up

Anonymous said...

Hi Onxidlib
Many thanks for the re-post. Unfortunately it appears now that it is the source that is in mono. I will investigate because I have a friend who perhaps have also the lp and if yes and if the blog is interested I can get a new transfer.
Many thanks for many of your older post that are still available. I suggest to all the people who comes here to search in this blog the years before they will find many treasures still accessible.

correct silence said...

two recommandations regarding Cleve Pozar@.
First this superbe album posted here some years ago
One of the few great records produced for Savoy by Bill Dixon and totally forgotten by the record company.
Bobby naughton Nauxtagram, another treasure that is available for download. The Itunes version have a superbe sound even if it is not a lossless version, it have been remastered and it is really not expensive.

BT said...


Erberken said...

Hi. Can anyone reup this please?

Nick said...

It's still up.

Brewing Luminous said...

Thanks for this gem