20 December 2010

Ran Blake & Guests - Live in Rome '10

The fourth of five concerts from the short European tour the great
Ran Blake has closed yesterday (Dec. 19 - Trem Azul Jazz Store,
Lisbon, Portugal).
Being in Rome in those days, I have obviously recorded the concert,
but the same will be probably issued on CD on the Tompkins Square
label the next year.

Rec. live at "Casa del Jazz", Rome, Italy, on December 16, 2010
(mics recording)

Ran Blake,piano
Jacopo Jacopetti,tenor sax (2/3/6)
David "Knife" Fabris,electric guitar (3)

1. Dream Worlds : Cry Wolf [R.Blake]/Magic Row [G.Schuller]/You Stepped Out Of A Dream [N.H.Brown] (09:05)

2. Guest Spot I : The Short Life Of Barbara Monk [R.Blake] (05:05)

3. Guest Spot II : Spiral Staircase [R.Webb]/Memphis [R.Blake] (06:49)

4. The Luciano Set : Field Cry [W.L.James]/Nature Boy [E.Ahbez]/ Luciano [R.Blake]/Mingus [C.Mingus/R.Blake] (07:57)

5. Inspirations [R.Blake] : Chabrol In Brazil/Abbey Lincoln/Stevie Wonder (27:24)

6. Encore : The Short Life Of Barbara Monk [R.Blake] (04:54)

Total Time 1:01:16


riccardo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wightdj said...

Great to hear, thanks.

Wallofsound said...

riccardo, many, many thanks.

gsrbrts2 said...

I am very fond of Blake's work, own most of his recordings and this one I greatly appreciate..(Congrats on the tremendous sound quality also).

best, GUS

Aaron Hartley said...

I’m grateful for your interest in Ran’s music, but please respect his intellectual property rights by removing these mp3s. Bootleg records on the internet deteriorate record sales. I appreciate your understanding and do expect these mp3 to be removed as soon as possible. Please visit Ranblake.com to join his newsletter to find out about upcoming performances and new CD releases. ~Ran Blake’s domestic manager, Aaron Hartley

Eselsdistel said...

Dear Mr. Hartley,
even though I really understand your motives, I would like to confess than I really got the motivation of buying this CD (what I have done actually NOW, this last minute) after listening to the music uploaded on this blog. I believe in this way of spreading music, and that it might be more productive to encourage the good will of people to support what they love, than criminalizing their curiosity. I myself download music this way, mostly for evaluation purposes, and end up buying a lot of the stuff I download. I never stopped buying a CD because I had downloaded it before. On the other hand, I always reacted bad against any restrictive step taken against it. This is the way the public should ideally see this - as the most powerful publicity channel you ever had in your hands-. I myself have spent a lot of money in people I would have never known through the normal broadcasting channels. Blogs like this are to thank for that.

onxidlib said...

I have not much to add, except that I have not only bought the CD for myself but actually ordered it for the music store I'm working for...