8 December 2010

Max Roach & Archie Shepp - Live in Milan '78 [New Links]

Another sax/drums duo...

Rec. live at "Castello Sforzesco", Milan, italy, on July 22,
1978 (mics recording)

Max Roach,drums (-4)
Archie Shepp,tenor sax (-3)

1. Sweet Mao : Le Marche (23:22)
2. Suid Afrika '76 (22:58)
3. J.C.Moses/For Big Sid/Drums Unlimited/Papa Joe (11:58)
4. Lush Life/Steam (15:12)
5. Sweet Mao : Le Commencement (20:22)
6. Moose The Mooche [encore] (08:15)

Total Time 1:42:08


trane said...

Ba ba bum! Cheers for Max and Shepp, terrific

JC said...

Love it. Thanks very much (again).

john said...

drums and sax are a good duo combination, thanks for this.

serviceton said...

riccardo, the amazing depth of your archive never fails to astonish - and delight!
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please can we get a re up on this. It is not around anywhere. Peace and Thanks.

riccardo said...

New links

mp3 (230 MB):
rapidshare | oron

flac (677 MB):
rapidshare part1 rapidshare part2 | oron part1 oron part2

Anonymous said...

Riccardo, many thanks for the new links. It is much appreciated.


maramaldo said...

It was the saturday just after the end of my college. I had a ticket, but there was no room in the audience so they put me on the stage. I was at 3 meters from Max Roach and Archie Shepp. The problem was that my Nikon had a 200 mm telephoto, so I could only take pictures of part of the faces. If I can, I will post the pictures of that evening... Luca

maramaldo said...

This is the link to the pictures of that evening...



serviceton said...

Great shots Luca - thanks so much for posting the link to them .

David said...

is it possible to repost this? Thanks!