19 December 2010

Manfred Schoof - Distant Thunder

More from the Yamashita Trio

Manfred Schoof - tp
Yosuke Yamashita - piano
Akira Sakata - as, cl
Takeo Moriyama - dr

Enja, 1975 vinyl rip , wav files



Round Midnight
Distant Thunder


Anonymous said...

What just happened here? Upload of the album to unregistered account, so link already expired??? C'mon, you guys know better then this.

wildgrebe said...

greetz ..unfortunately its reached the limit any time for a re up (if poss} much appreciated .. Thankyou wgBee

kinabalu said...

Better use the multiupload option ...

Anonymous said...

The file has been split into 2 wav files




wildgrebe said...

Many thanks for your effort .. wgBee

klakadak said...

Thank you, pablo!

1009 said...

Oh rats. I had been eagerly anticipating downloading this, but now that it's available, RS is telling me that both files have reached their download limit. Anyone here who's already picked it up willing to re-post?

klakadak said...

In the meantime, I uploaded this to mediafire. There are 3 files, simultaneous download allowed, no waiting:

1009 said...

Thanks! Another beautiful rip! I'd forgotten how much independent solo time occurs here on the second side -- interesting record!

Igor said...

Many thanks for generous share, Pablo.

-Otto- said...

How lucky am I today. 4 year old post and klakadak's MF link still active. Must be Sunday. Thank you!