4 December 2010

Gunter Hampel & Jeanne Lee - Live in Florence and Pisa '78

All that i recorded of the Hampel/Lee Duo that far summer :
probably not the complete concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro Tenda", Florence, on July 6 and at "Piazza
dei Cavalieri", Pisa, on July 10, 1978 (mics recording)

Gunter Hampel,vibraphone,bass clarinet,flute
Jeanne Lee,vocal

1. Florence #1 (12:24)
2. Florence #2 (09:34)
3. Florence #3 (11:42)
4. Florence #4 (11:05)
5. Pisa #1 (13:25)
6. Pisa #2 (11:24)
7. Pisa #3 (08:46)

Total Time 1:19:23


riccardo said...

mp3 (174 MB)

flac (418 MB) :
part1 part2 part3

trane said...

Grazie Riccardo, I am not a bug Hampel fan but Jeanne Lee is just so great

Wallofsound said...

Yes, Jeanne Lee very well recieved here as well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome recording, sweet to hear a younger Gunter too

Arcturus said...

what timing! I've been immersed in Jeanne Lee's voice all week - this is most welcome!

Anonymous said...

Gunter Hampel's album issued by
Flying Dutchman "The 8th of July 1969".

As ripped from casset tape recorded vinyl, sound quality is not the best. But, I believe torelable.

mew23 said...

New links for flac:

SOTISE said...

thanks Mew...
and here are Alternative links By gui

David said...

is it possible to reup please? Thanks!